Socially Responsive Investing (SRI): Designing an approach

Socially Responsive Investing (SRI): Designing an approach

The decision to transition a portfolio to incorporate socially responsive screens is complex and unique to each organization. It’s important that Boards and investment committees have a good understanding of what they are trying to accomplish and have considered important questions, such as:

  • How does the organization’s mission intersect with economics?
  • Is the investment portfolio the appropriate vehicle to express the moral or social values of the organization?
  • In this complex and evolving dialogue between mission and fiduciary duty, between economic realities and the pressing social concerns that demand our attention, investment committees and Boards should seek information, analysis and perspective on the array of choices available to them.

    Here’s a look at how a century-old healthcare-focused Foundation aligned its investment portfolio with the organization’s mission by incorporating social investing screens. 

    How can we help your organization reach its goals while achieving its mission?  

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