Whitepaper: Managing Reserves When Cash Flows are Uneven

boarding meeting for "Whitepaper: Managing Reserves When Cash Flows are Uneven"

Many associations struggle with issues surrounding asset allocation in light of their complex liquidity and cash flow needs, especially given an environment marked by increasing degrees of focus on governance and fiduciary oversight. Specifically, organizations want to be able to answer the following questions:

  • How much should an organization like ours retain in reserves?
  • How should these reserves be divided between short term funds for safety and security versus long term funds for growth and sustainability?
  • How do we further determine appropriate allocations within each of these reserve portfolios to optimize our financial results?
  • How do we demonstrate and document our fiduciary oversight?

This paper considers the importance of asset allocation, the documentation required, and the variability of optimal results based upon risk tolerance, market conditions and desired financial outcomes within the realm of cash reserves.

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