Planned Giving

  • Podcast: Planned Giving with Orr Group

    Planned giving can make a large difference in an organization’s fundraising efforts. Learn how and why your company should consider this tactic.

  • Ensuring the Future of Your Nonprofit Through Planned Giving

    Being thoughtful and strategic in building a planned giving program alleviates concern and establishes an appropriate structure that aligns with your organization’s purpose.

  • Formalizing Philanthropy

    SunTrust Foundations and Endowments Specialty Practice, provides things to consider before deciding on which option is best for formalizing philanthropy.

  • Podcast & Whitepaper: Charitable Giving Options

    Learn pros and cons for formalizing charitable giving from Meghan Pietrantonio of SunTrust Bank’s Foundations and Endowments Specialty Practice.

  • Looking a Gift-Horse in the Mouth

    Because each individual nonprofit has a unique mission and goals, the provisions of their gift acceptance policies also need to be distinct. Once you establish your policy, periodically review it to ensure it remains aligned with your mission, risk profile

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