Podcast and Whitepaper: An Introduction to UPMIFA

Insights Into Investment Options

Show Transcript

UPMIFA is a law that helps nonprofit organizations evaluate their investment decisions. The law applies to all organizations that operate exclusively with charitable objectives.

The Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act (UPMIFA) is quite a mouthful, but it’s an important law that’s in place to help nonprofit organizations with their critical investment decisions. Bill Longan, Senior Investment Advisor with SunTrust’s Foundations and Endowments Specialty Practice, has been working to create resources to help nonprofit leaders make sense of all that UPMIFA implies.  The law applies to all organizations that operate exclusively with charitable objectives, and has implications for how organizations can use their endowment assets. In addition to this podcast, our UPMIFA series of whitepapers offer anybody in a leadership role an opportunity to learn more about this important act and the very specific expectations that are cast upon them with regards to how the money is invested, as well as what actions they have available to them in order to achieve their investment goals and objectives. The first whitepaper is a conversation about UPMIFA, which covers broad questions about the establishment of the act and some of the important legal considerations and then a conversation about UPMIFA part two, delves more specifically into individual investment considerations.

To download these whitepapers, visit SunTrust Bank’s Foundations & Endowments resource center at suntrust.com/nonprofitinsights

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