Renovating and Maintaining

  • Prepare Your Home for Winter

    A few simple steps can help you winterize your home this fall, keeping you safe and comfortable during the colder months -- and saving you money in the process.

  • What's a HELOC?

    A Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) lets you tap into the equity in your home and borrow against it for things like home improvements or other major expenses.

  • Parent Moving In? Make Sure Your Home’s Ready

    If you have a parent moving into your home, make sure it is ready to meet all of their needs.

  • Should You Take on That Home Improvement Project?

    Upgrading your home is exciting and can improve the quality of your home life—but is it always worth the price tag?

  • Energy Efficient Home Improvement: Save Energy & More

    Simple energy-efficient home updates like fixing leaky faucets and drafty windows can conserve energy, and be good for your pocket. Learn easy ways to go green.

  • 5 Ways to Reduce Your Water Use

    Some of the easiest ways to save water often require only a slight change in our daily habits. These seemingly minor shifts, in the bigger picture, can make a lasting impact on the environment in your community and the ecosystem at large.