Protect Your Family

  • Simple Strategies for Protecting What You’ve Earned

    Want to be a thoughtful investor? You’ll be well on your way by adhering to the following five simple tenets of investing.

  • How Will You Pay for Long-Term Care?

    Along with living longer comes a much greater likelihood that a costly health event will occur – an event that without proper advance planning could rapidly exhaust your financial resources.

  • A New Financial Reality for Same Sex Couples

    Today, nearly half of all same-sex couples living together are legally married, giving them equal rights and protections, but also a number of previously unavailable financial benefits.

  • Members of the Military: Estate Planning

    Whether you're a veteran or just starting out in the military, planning and preparing your estate is of vital importance.

  • Infographic: Planning for Healthcare Costs in Retirement

    It’s important to factor healthcare costs into your long-term savings plan. Follow these five tips to help keep future healthcare expenses from jeopardizing your retirement goals.

  • When a Will Isn’t Enough

    Did you know that when it comes to your assets such as retirement accounts and life insurance passing down to your heirs outside of probate, beneficiary designations take absolute precedence over any and all provisions made in your Will?

  • Long-Term Care Insurance: How Does It Work?

    Whether you've had a long-term care insurance (LTCI) policy for years or you're thinking of buying one, it's critical to understand exactly what set of conditions will trigger coverage.

  • 3 Signatures You Want Before Sending Your Child to College

    Just because you’re footing the bill for your child’s tuition and health insurance doesn’t mean you still have all the parental rights you had before they reached legal adulthood.

  • How much life insurance do I need?

    Calculate how much life insurance coverage your family may need to cover future expenses

  • What is my best option for estate planning?

    Compares four investment alternatives to save for your retirement: a deductible IRA, nondeductible IRA, Roth IRA and depositing into a taxable account.

  • What is my return on a universal life insurance policy?

    Use this calculator to to see what your payout, cash value, and dividends for a universal life policy will be.

  • What is my return on a whole life insurance policy?

    Use this calculator to to see what your payout, cash value, and dividends for a whole life policy will be.

  • Power of Attorney vs Durable Power of Attorney

    Learn the differences between power of attorney and durable power of attorney.

  • Health Insurance in Retirement

    When you retire you will probably focus more on health care than ever before. Staying healthy is your goal, and this can mean more visits to the doctor for preventive tests and routine checkups.

  • Fill In Your Family On Your Estate Plan

    Estate planning and end-of-life care are important conversations to have with your family so everyone is on the same page when it comes to finances.

  • Facing the Possibility of Incapacity

    Incapacity means that you are either mentally or physically unable to take care of yourself or your day-to-day affairs. Incapacity can result from serious physical injury, mental or physical illness, mental retardation, advancing age, and alcohol or drug

  • Do You Need Long-Term Care Insurance?

    Long-term care insurance is one way to help preserve your nest egg, take the stress off family and provide long-term health care when you need it.

  • Diversify Your Portfolio with Real Estate Investment Trusts

    Investing in real estate investment trusts is one way to have diversification in your portfolio. Find out if REITs will work for you.

  • Basics on Medicare Prescription Drug Plan

    As you become eligible for Medicare, you will probably find yourself also considering buying additional insurance to cover the costs of prescription drugs. In fact, you will discover that Medicare strongly urges you to buy supplemental coverage, because prescriptions are not included in basic Medicare coverage.

  • Life Insurance : Is Now the Time?

    Your need for life insurance changes with the stages of your life, starting with no need when you're young, progressing to greater and greater need as you take on more and more responsibility, and finally beginning to diminish as you grow older.

  • Life Insurance at Various Life Stages

    Your need for life insurance changes as your life changes.

  • When Should I Prepare My Will?

    The last thing most of us want to think about is a will. But when it comes to your family's future, a will can provide for their financial well-being.

  • What is an Advanced Directive for Health Care?

    At some point in your life, perhaps as a result of illness, accident, or advanced age, you may lack the mental capacity to make or communicate responsible decisions about your own health care. Without directions to the contrary, medical professionals are

  • Weaving Your Health Care Safety Net

    Before medical problems arise in retirement, consider these steps to secure your financial future.

  • Understanding Your AD&D Coverage

    Maybe you have, or are considering purchasing, AD&D coverage but don't know exactly what it is. Find out if this type of insurance is right for you and your family.

  • 3 Essentials For Your Estate Plan

    It's not just wealthy people who need an estate plan. In fact, everyone should have a basic estate plan.

  • The Future Costs of Healthcare

    Healthcare costs are rising at an accelerated rate, threatening quality of life for millions of current and future retirees. Remember to consider healthcare costs when planning for retirement.