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Automate Your Finances (and Feel the Relief) in 4 Easy Steps

Nearly 80 percent of people say their personal finances keep them awake at night1

Automate Your Finances (and Feel The Relief) in 4 Easy Steps

Nowadays, there's really no excuse for not having 24/7 access to your money. You've got apps, alerts and automation ready to provide around-the-clock assistance with your budgeting. Still wary? Here are four basic steps you can take to automate your finances today—and take it easy tomorrow:

1. Set Up Online Banking Feature

Online and mobile banking makes keeping up with your accounts just as easy as signing in for the latest on your Instagram feed. You can transfer funds from checking to savings with a single tap. Don't forget to name your accounts to easily track your spending habits and savings progress. If you're trying to cut back on spending, you can even restrict your access to certain accounts (ask your banker how). Out of sight, out of mind.

2. Set Up Online Bill Pay With Current Bills

Can't remember everything on your to-do list? Who can? Use online bill pay to let the cyberworld keep track of your payments—and cross one thing off your list. It's also way easier to maintain records digitally than in that overflowing file cabinet. Plus, #GoGreen.

3. Set Up Email Balance Notifications

The way you give Facebook one last check before bed, you should look at your money. Set up daily email or mobile balance alerts to give you a roundup of your cash. If you want to be notified if your account dips below a certain threshold, there's an alert for that, too. You can do this for free with our Savings and Checking Accounts.

4. Set Up a Reminder on Your Calendar to Check in With Your Money

Putting it on the calendar really makes it official. All you need is a simple "Review past week's spending" or "Check in on payments" to block out a few minutes for financial planning. You'll be done by the time dinner's ready.

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Explore more tips and tricks for monitoring your money on SunTrust's Resource Center.

1 "Overwhelming Majority of Poll Respondents Admit Personal Finances Keep Them Awake At Night," August 2014, The National Foundation for Credit Counseling

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