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Infographic: To Breakeven—and Beyond

Watching Your Small Business Finances

The idea of breakeven is simple; it’s when your business earns enough to cover all of your variable costs and fixed costs and begins to earn a real profit. Profitability is the dream for most business owners, but nearly 70 percent of them are currently stressed about their business, citing unpredictable cash flow and slow payments. Yet despite these challenges, 72 percent of small business owners still believe 2016 will continue to improve beyond 2015 levels thanks to strategies such as improving customer experience and expanding into new markets. This infographic illustrates the concepts of breakeven and net profit margin and reveals what industries and regions are faring the best.

Infographic: To Breakeven—and Beyond

You've got the passion and the perseverance—moving up from breakeven to profitable is the next step. For additional advice and guidance on this and other topics, visit the SunTrust Small Business Resource Center.

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