Control Cash Flow

  • Payment Strategies to Maximize Cash

    Cash shortfalls and fluctuations leave owners scrambling to keep the business running without dipping into personal finances. Stretching payables frees up the cash owners need to get through a cash crunch.

  • Contain Business Cash Surprises

    Too often small business owners let cash fluctuations and shortfalls disrupt their business’s operations and put their personal finances at risk. Business cash reserves put owners ahead cash surprises.

  • Speed the Flow of Cash into Your Business

    Small businesses say cash flow is vital, yet many are slow to bill and collect from customers. They miss out on cash to grow, pay bills or build reserves that protect business and owner finances.

  • On the Hunt for Cash Flow

    Managing working capital and keeping tabs on cash flow are imperative to business success. Proficiency in the cash flow cycle can help improve business stability.

  • Making Electronic Payments Pay Off

    Safer, faster, and better than ever, electronic payments are the way of the future. See how to improve your payment efficiency and security by utilizing a full suite of online payment tools.

  • Four Steps to Better Manage Customer and Supplier Payment

    Is your business profitable on paper, but tight on cash? If so, you might want to take a look at the payment terms and conditions you have established with your customers and suppliers.

  • Podcast: Small Business Owners: It’s Time to Start Focusing on Cash Flow

    Jeff Lovejoy, Action Coach and Certified Business Coach who focuses on small business growth, joins us to discuss what you can start doing today to improve your cash flow.

  • Controlling Employee Purchases to Cut Costs

    Cost control may be the essential element that sustains growth for small businesses. Closely monitoring employee expenses such as purchasing, and travel and entertainment (T&E) is a natural place to look for cost savings and to control costs.

  • 5 Ways to Streamline Customer and Vendor Payments

    A number of tools can help business owners with accurate and timely payments among vendors and customers. Use this checklist to help your business process more efficient transactions.

  • Infographic: Pick up the Payments Pace

    Timely customer payments are essential to keep your cash flow healthy and allow you to meet today’s financial obligations. A few simple steps help you speed along your customer payments and keep your business flush with the cash you need to operate.

  • Managing Cash Flow: Critical to Growth

    Optimizing your business’s cash flow is more than just monitoring sales; it’s having a full picture of all of your expenses, your investments and your money on hand.

  • Squeezing Expenses to Generate Cash

    Cost-cutting, smart budgeting, expense comparisons, and improved controls can all reduce business costs and increase overall profitability.

  • Getting a Handle on Checks

    Learn how to increase your payment security and efficiency by transitioning your business from paper checks to electronic payments.

  • Simplicity and Complexity of Managing Cash Flow

    By focusing on the four factors of cash flow, businesses can smooth their everyday cash volatility – making it easier to take advantage of opportunities and investments that will inherently challenge cash flow.

  • Learning the Ins and Outs of Operating Cash Flow

    Looking at total earnings is one way to gauge your business’s health, but reviewing your operating cash flow is just as important. Here’s why.

  • Living With Checks

    The continuing presence of checks doesn’t mean that businesses have to endure the high invoice processing costs, heightened fraud risk, and increased reconciliation/research costs that come with paper payments. Learn how to process checks more efficiently.

  • The Last Check?

    Paper payments are on the decline and electronic payments are taking their place. Learn why electronic payments are safer, more efficient, and the future of payments for most companies.

  • Balance Sheets Offer Clues to Cash Flow

    Knowing where your cash goes each month can help you better manage and grow your business.

  • Lines of Credit: Support the Short-Term Cash Needs of Your Business

    Finding the right line of credit can be the key to financing your business's growth. Learn what you need to know to secure credit.

  • Legal Services Profile: Focus on Clients and Cash Flow

    Washington, D.C. area law firm provides lessons learned regarding managing cash flow and finding work-life balance.