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  • Tax Tips for Independent Contractors

    Don’t miss out on the business tax deductions available to independent contractors, from home office tax deductions to tracking your car’s mileage.

  • Charitable Giving and Taxes

    What You Need to Know About Charitable Gifts and Taxes

    Do the holidays have you in a giving mood? Find out how you can lower your taxes, and also make a difference when you give to charity.

  • Five Tips for Avoiding a Tax Audit

    Tax audits are rare, only 1% chance, but it can be stressful. Steps to avoid IRS scrutiny: hire a tax preparer/CPA, stay current, include income, be accurate.

  • Maximize Tax Breaks for College

    A child born today could cost more than $400,000 to educate at a private college for four years if college costs continue climbing at the rate they have

  • Tax Benefits of Giving

    If you're one who likes to support worthy causes, make sure to take advantage of the tax benefits that come with your gifts.