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    Choosing the Right Executor for Your Estate

    Many people turn to a family member to serve as the executor of their estate. But given the complexity of the challenge, the required time commitment and the emotional toll, is that the best choice?

  • Blended family walking outdoors

    Achieving Blended Family Harmony

    Blended families have become more the rule than the exception, but with a little careful planning and a lot of communication you can prevent a lot of tension and hurt feelings down the road.

  • Multi-generational family dining outside for checklist “5 Steps to Streamlining Wealth Transfer”

    5 Steps to Streamlining Wealth Transfer

    Planning and communicating are critical to the success of wealth transfer. These five steps can help guide you as you make your plan and prepare your heirs for the eventual transfer of your estate.

  • Senior man and his granddaughter smiling for article “3 Stages of Effective Wealth Transfer”

    3 Stages of Effective Wealth Transfer

    Passing on your wealth is a celebration of your legacy and a means of putting your heirs on sure footing. Without adequate planning, however, the wealth transfer process can be stressful.

  • Podcast: Leaving a Lasting Legacy

    SVP and Head of Financial Planning, Joe Sicchitano, explains the importance of financial education for children and grandchildren and shares tips for getting started.

  • Podcast: Establishing a Special Needs Trust: Tips to Get Started

    Bill Frazier, Senior Vice President with SunTrust Bank, discusses steps parents can take to implement a Special Needs Trust, helping them deal with an emotional life circumstance