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Build lasting relationships with your loyal customers.

As a business owner, you know the true value of a loyal customer and how it can sometimes be difficult to maintain that loyalty. With SunTrust Merchant Services, you can get the technology and tools to better understand your customers’ purchasing patterns, offer targeted promotions and rewards and forge better customer relationships. We’re here to help you get more out of your marketing dollars, so you can grow your customer satisfaction—and your business, too.

Get started toward a better customer experience with these solutions:

The InsighticsSM  Solution

Use real payments data to help you grow your business with The Insightics Solution software. It makes it easy for small business owners like you to identify product trends, get a complete view of customer spending and cash transactions and get to know customers and their shopping habits.

The PerkaTM Solution

The Perka™ Solution makes rewarding your customers easy, simple and straightforward through the Clover™ App Market. This solution is affordable and as familiar as an old-fashioned punch card, and helps you connect with customers on their mobile phones. It allows you to reach customers anywhere at anytime, seamlessly connect perks to purchases, customize offers and rewards to fit your business and lets you get to know your shoppers by name and purchase patterns.

SunTrust Loyalty Programs

Get help earning more frequent—and more impactful—visits from customers with our small business loyalty reward program. With it you’ll be able to:

  • Reward your most profitable customers
  • Provide flexible promotion options
  • Have point-of-sale (POS) messaging on all member receipts
  • Access promotion management and web-based reporting tools
  • Utilize easy loyalty identifiers
  • Give your customers more personalized offers and rewards

To learn about our business loyalty program call 800.786.8787.


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