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If you own a business with moderate to high transaction activity, complex cash management needs or high balances in your checking account, Analyzed Interest Checking could be the solution for you.

Analyzed Interest Checking comes with:

  • Earned interest on balances that exceed the minimum requirement to offset service charges2
  • Earnings credit allowances1 that can help reduce or eliminate service charges
  • Special statement cycles that can be tailored to your business needs
  • The ability to consolidate accounts into a single relationship and transaction3
  • Details from all your accounts in one monthly statement, including all Treasury Management product usage and volumes and a breakdown of deposits and withdrawals
  • One net service charge for fees owed or one net interest payment
  • No transaction volume limitations


1 At the end of each month, SunTrust sets an Earnings Credit Rate (ECR). Using the SunTrust ECR, we calculate the value of earnings credit on the balances (sometimes referred to as value of balances) in your account and apply that value against service activity expenses. The ECR used for the analysis period is always displayed on the account analysis statement. SunTrust uses the following calculation to derive the value of Earnings Credit on available balance: average available balance x ECR ÷ days in the year x days in the month = Earnings Credit on Average Available Balance. Average available balance is calculated by subtracting related reserves, if applicable, from the average positive collected balance.

2 To determine the amount of excess balances, the following calculation is used: Average Available Balances - Balances Required to Offset Service Charges = Excess Balances. If you are in a negative net analysis position, the value of excess balances will equal zero to indicate that there are not sufficient balance levels maintained in the account to earn interest. The following calculation is used to derive the balance level required to offset all service charges: Service charges ÷ Earnings Credit Rate x days in year ÷ days in month = Balances Required to Offset Service Charges.

3 Only other Analyzed Interest Checking accounts can be consolidated for the purposes of earnings credits and earning interest.

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