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Maximize returns. Minimize interest expenses. Simplify the day-to-day with SunTrust’s Business Sweep Accounts.

We know that dealing with fluctuations in your business' cash flow takes a lot of daily decision making. We also know that it never pays to make hasty decisions. That's where Business Sweep comes in. It’s a fully-automated cash management solution that saves staff time while minimizing interest payments and the cost of holding cash. And because Business Sweep processing occurs at the end of each day, you'll never need to predict what the day's income or expenses are going to be.
Here’s how it works:
Based on the instructions you provide, Business Sweep will calculate the net available1 balance in your commercial checking account and compare the result to your predetermined target balance at the end of each workday.

  • If your net balance is greater than your target balance, Business Sweep automatically uses any excess funds to pay down your line of credit2, or transfers excess funds into your selected investment vehicle.
  • If your net balance is less than your target balance, Business Sweep automatically transfers funds from your chosen investment vehicle to cover the shortage or borrows the necessary funds against your line of credit.

To learn more about Business Sweep, call 800.241.0901.


1 Available balance means the balance of collected funds in the account, less the dollar amount of such funds subject to any (i) transaction holds, including without limitation, holds for Check Card and ATM Card transactions, cashed checks, and deposited items for which we have received a return notice, (ii) legal holds, and (iii) certain other holds we have placed on the account.

2 All extensions of credit and credit-related services are subject to prior approval.

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