Testimonials for Joshua Feldman

Like others, I found Josh through an online search. At the time, I was just trying to get a sense of what was out there. After speaking directly with Josh, I realized this was an opportunity that could not be passed up. We found a house which was priced very competitively and we needed to put in an offer over the weekend. Josh went out of his way on his vacation to make sure we had the pre-qual letter done, and the buyers accepted our offer even though there were better offers on the table. At closing, the listing agent told us that it was her previous experience with Josh that led her to recommend that the buyers accept our offer. Keep in mind this is in Maryland and Josh is based in South Carolina. What are the odds that a Maryland realtor would have prior experience with a South Carolina lender? At closing, she made it a point to let us know that during her prior sale with Josh, she grilled him about the details of the loan as she was nervous about working with an out of state lender, but his professionalism and experience calmed her fears and that closing went very smoothly. She then let us know that our closing was even better which was confirmed by our realtor and the title company! I have recommended my co-workers and other physician friends to Josh and will in no doubt call him again if need be.

-Dr. G. Kim, Ellicott City, Maryland

The following testimonial applies to Joshua Feldman and his team at SunTrust Bank, specifically with respect to the physician loan program. Without hesitation or reservation, I would recommend Josh and Josh alone to handle your physician home loan. Josh was constantly accessible, not only to myself but also to my realty team, to answer questions and facilitate the loan approval process. In fact, Josh proactively contacted my realtor early in the home buying process to establish a communication line and relationship. Our realtor commented to us that in her 25 years of practice, she had never been granted this courtesy. From this time forward, Josh gave each issue his full and constant attention in order to expedite the loan approval process, even when inconvenient to him. On more than one occasion did Josh return an email or phone call while on vacation with his family. Not only was Josh readily available and responsive, he delivered on his word with respect to various deadlines, etc involved in the loan approval process. The multi-month experienced could have not felt more personal and we could not have been more happy with our experience. I would be happy to speak personally with anyone who is considering using the SunTrust physician home loan program on Josh and his team's behalf.

-S. Kucera, M.D.

Josh is one of those rare individuals who underpromises and overdelivers. We were somewhat reluctant to use an out-of-state mortgage provider after hearing horror stories about deals falling apart at the last minute because of unscrupulous mortgage brokers. Josh explained to us the risks and the situation, and kept us apprised of the status of the loan on a daily basis. I consider myself a high maintenance client, and Josh fielded my questions with professionalism and ease whenever I called him or his team. We recently closed on our home, at a fantastic rate (which was lower than what Josh had initially quoted because of his due diligence), with no hiccups. I would wholeheartedly recommend Josh and his team at SunTrust to handle your Doctor Loan.

-A. Gersh

My fiancé Daniela and I moved to South Florida from Manhattan in July. With the stress of starting a new job immediately after residency, I wanted the process of purchasing my first home to be as smooth as possible. After calling a number of different banks, I learned that SunTrust was the only lender in the troublesome Miami real estate market to offer physician mortgages with no money down. After doing some research online and seeing the positive reviews on Josh's website, I decided to give him a call. From our first conversation, I knew Josh would be the guy to help me with my purchase. He was always direct and to the point, guiding me with every step in the process. What I appreciated most, was the quickness with which he would respond to my phone calls and emails. He was always available to address all of my concerns and was extremely knowledgeable in his profession. I have already recommended him to several of my closest friends and wouldn't hesitate to call him again for my second home.

-I. Gozlan, MD, Miami, FL

In June my wife and I purchased our dream home in Portland, OR. Though we have always lived on the West Coast outside of Sun Trust's ""footprint,"" my wife and I had an established online banking relationship with SunTrust which qualified us for the physician loan program. At the time I contacted Josh, we were in escrow using a different lender and we switched lenders to go with SunTrust because I was so impressed by Josh and his team. Josh expedited the processing of our loan and was in contact with me on an almost daily basis up until the day escrow closed.

What impressed me the most about working with Josh on our loan was the honesty and integrity he brings to the process. He said to me at the get go when I was ambivalent about changing lenders, ""Trust me, give me a chance to work on this; I won't let you down."" Josh followed through on everyone one of his commitments throughout the loan process, and my wife and I could not have been happier. I would recommend him to anyone without hesitation.

-Dr. J. Fein, Portland, OR

I randomly found Josh on the internet and I am glad I did. From the first call he was very responsive. Just as importantly, he was very positive about helping me out in a tough market. Not only did he get me a fantastic deal on a jumbo loan, but helped me through the entire process with great communication and attentiveness regardless of the time or day. Though it was long distance and everything was done over the phone and by email, the process was seamless and very convenient for me. Thanks to Josh, his team, and SunTrust. I would recommend or use him again without reservation.

-C. Rajadhyaksha, Miami Beach, FL

We recently purchased a house in Gainesville, FL after obtaining a mortgage from SunTrust Mortgage. After weighing our mortgage options we chose a doctor's loan provided by SunTrust . We never used this type of loan before and were skeptical initially thinking that there is no way you could get a great rate, minimal to no down payment and no PMI from someone we found via a search on the internet. Comparison of this loan with traditional loans from several large banks clearly showed that doctor's loan was superior. Working with Joshua and his team was a pleasure. It felt like we were working with a local broker whose office was down the street and not in another state. It was very easy to get in touch with him and ask any questions . He would patiently go over details of the application process/ paperwork making sure everything was correct. Even our real estate agent who had never worked with Joshua before was impressed by his quick responses to calls and emails as well as his ability to quickly solve arising problems. Now he is recommending Joshua to his new clients. Overall, we had a very positive experience working with Joshua and and we highly recommend him for your mortgage needs.

-O. Norkin, Gainesville, FL

My husband and I recently closed on a home in Alabama, and we chose Josh Feldman as our loan officer. We were looking for a Doctor Loan, and found Josh through an internet search. Based on the testimonials on this page, I decided to give Josh a call. Josh and his team lived up to all the positive remarks. Josh is timely, available, and responsive. He is easy to work with, and he makes the process smooth and simple. SunTrust offers a great Doctor Loan with no additional or hidden fees, and Josh and his team make getting that loan easy. Having worked previously in real estate, I can say that his professionalism and service are truly exceptional. We would not hesitate to work with Josh again, and we have already recommended him to friends.

-S. Cole, Huntsville, AL

Recently moved from Roanoke, VA to Myrtle Beach, SC to start my new job. I knew I wanted to buy versus rent but I was daunted by the many intricacies of owning a new home, not to mention financing. When I was almost about to call it quits and start renting I came across Joshua Feldman's contact info through an online search. He was absolutely wonderful and methodical about all the steps I needed to complete and was always available, even on his off days. Now I'm a proud homeowner with a great interest rate and 100% financing with no PMI. I highly recommend Josh to anyone who is considering to buy a home. Best choice I made so far.

-D. Budhoo, Myrtle Beach, SC

I recently graduated from medical school and got matched for residency in a different state. My family and I had a very limited time frame to sell one house while trying to find and close on another. Josh was there for us when it was all going smoothly, but - much more importantly - he was there for us when it all almost fell apart at the last minute. By the end of it all, we managed to close on our new house just in time for residency, and it felt as if Josh and I were old friends! Without hesitation, I would highly recommend Josh to anyone looking to buy a new home. Josh is thorough, responsive, and willing to work.

-J. Argila, MD, Greenville, NC

Buying a house is a notoriously difficult endeavor, and my husband and I were nearly overwhelmed by the process. We wanted to use a physician mortgage, so we looked for someone who specialized in that area. Joshua Feldman came highly recommended. Although he was located in South Carolina and we were in Florida, we contacted him and are so happy that we did. Josh guided us through the long, complicated process, stayed with us through two bids that weren't accepted (and the one that was!), and was available by phone and e-mail at any time. Josh got us a great rate and very reasonable fees. When our house was ready 6 weeks ahead of time and we were given 2 weeks' notice for the closing, Josh and his staff were able to pull everything together in record time. We signed our papers yesterday, and are now homeowners. I've recommended him to all of my friends, and cannot say enough good things about him. Thanks, Josh! 

-P. Kalika, DO, Cooper City, FL

My husband and I recently relocated to Greenville, SC, and we chose Josh Feldman as our loan officer. We were looking for a Doctor's Mortgage Loan from SunTrust Mortgage, and happened to find Josh through an internet search. We found the information on his website informative and he had great testimonials. Josh exceeded our expectations. He worked hard to help us close on our home in 30 days (instead of the usual 45 he initially quoted us) based on a special request from the sellers. Josh was always available by phone when I needed a question answered, and he was very quick to respond by email. I would recommend Josh to all my friends who are interested in buying a new home. While we don't intend on moving any time soon, if we do, I would use Josh as our loan officer in a heartbeat.

Thanks Josh!! We love our new home.

-A. Carpenter Richardson, MD, Greenville, SC

I have had nothing but a wonderful experience working with Josh Feldman and SunTrust Mortgage. I have worked with other doctor loan programs before and was skeptical at first, but Josh delivered every step of the way, offering the most competitive rates and excellent customer service. He is honest, readily available, reliable, and very responsive. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a new mortgage.

-J. Collins, MD

We used Sun Trust's doctor loan to close on a house last week. We found Josh Feldman through on line search. Even though we are in Maryland and he is out of state, it didn't create any problem. Initially we made the decision to go with him instead of two other brokers I was working with was the program itself. We could do this loan with low down payment and without PMI. Two most relevant experiences for us were the ease of dealing with all the paper work and communication with his team and getting things done in time. I had everything ready for him as soon as he told me what he needed and they responded fast to everything. We literally finished everything in about 2 weeks. He and his staff would respond to e-mails and phone calls within minutes. I can recommend any physician to work with him without any hesitation.

-S. Singahl. MD, Maryland

Josh's team has been very helpful from the start of the loan process. He is prompt in answering questions, providing information and updating us as to where things are. He calls if there is something important that require immediate attention, even after office hours. They were on time as far as the closing goes and there were no surprises with the numbers as well. It has been a very rewarding experience and I would recommend him without any hesitation to my friends and colleagues. I am glad we stayed with SunTrust.

-C. Malapira, Virginia Beach, VA

Coming out of training during this economic downturn was really stressful, and getting a physician loan from many banks was frustrating and eventually disappointing. I learned of Joshua Feldman from the SunTrust website and as soon as we talked on the phone, I knew that he was the person who was going to make my dream of home ownership right out of training a reality. He worked tirelessly to get my loan approved, and made the process smooth, which was so invaluable with all the demands that were being placed on my time as fellowship was ending. I was impressed by his charisma, honesty, and integrity during the process and I am so thankful for the beautiful home that I am now living in, that he and his team made possible for me to finance. I would highly recommend him. He is truly excellent.

-C. Barnes MD, Myrtle Beach, SC

Having been first-time home buyers (and a graduating medical student), my fiancé and I were not very knowledgeable about how to obtain a home mortgage, nor what options were available to us. Josh Feldman did an excellent job educating us with regards to our options in home mortgages. He walked us through each type of mortgage available, what we were eligible for, and gave us a target price range for what we could afford, not once making us feel pressured in any way.
Once we found a home we liked and made an offer, working with Josh was a breeze. We were able to close in the time period in which we wanted, which was as short as possible. If we had any questions throughout the process, and we did, we never had a problem getting in direct contact (via phone or email) with Josh and he did an excellent job providing updated information and answering our questions right away.

Overall, we would recommend Josh to anyone looking for a home mortgage. He did a wonderful job in helping the two of us obtain our first house as quickly and pain free as possible.

-A. Powelson, MD

It was a pleasure to work Josh Feldman and his team in securing my recent home mortgage. Josh was able to provide more financing and better rates than anyone else I contacted -- and followed through on his promises. Josh was available daily throughout the several month process and always had time to discuss any issues along the way. I couldn't be happier with the service I received from the Josh Feldman team and highly recommend any young physician's call Josh and give him a chance to do the same for you!

-C Osborne MD, Montgomery, AL

As a real estate broker, I am always skeptical about ""out of state"" lenders. But working with Josh, one would never know the difference. He kept my client and I updated and was available via phone or by email and responded quickly. And at the end of the day, there were no surprises. My client truly received a great deal with no additional or hidden fees. I would recommend Josh for any other physician clients I work with.

-R. Krop, Real Estate Agent

My wife and I recently purchased an old home with the intent of doing a major renovation. We wanted to save as much cash as possible for the project, so we searched for loans with little or no downpayment. We came across Josh's website and we noticed the doctor loan, which allowed us to get 100% financing at a very low rate. From the application process until the closing date, Josh was available and very responsive to all of our questions and concerns. And when we ran up against the clock at the end, Josh was the man who made sure our loan was pushed through expeditiously. Overall, it was an excellent experience. We highly recommend Josh to others who are interested in purchasing a home.

-A. and A. Aminlari

Joshua Feldman was wonderful in helping my wife and I refinance our home in Georgia. We received a great rate with very reasonable closing costs with his doctor loan program. Although he was hundreds of miles away, he was always very easy to reach when we had questions or needed any help with the loan. Joshua would be my first phone call if I ever need another mortgage loan.

-C. Blehm, MD

My wife and I recently moved our family back to Utah. I trained in Virginia and while I was there, became aware of the Physician Mortgage loan program through SunTrust. I opened an account with them before leaving the east coast to take my first job in St. Louis, with the thought that maybe one day I would want to take advantage of the loan program. I recently was offered the opportunity to return to our home town to practice and found Josh online when I searched the loan program. We took a big loss on our home in St. Louis and it ate up much of our savings for a 20% down payment for what we hoped to be our dream home. The terms of this loan seemed too good to be true. We began working towards obtaining a loan through SunTrust and Josh helped us through several major obstacles along the way, including helping get our credit score up in order to ensure us the best rate and working through a low appraisal that we worried would derail the purchase, all while on his family vacation. I felt he was 110% behind us to make this happen and benefit me to the fullest. Through the entire process while we felt the sellers and real estate agents weren't always forth coming, Josh was completely honest and up front about everything. What he told me was always 100% accurate. When we closed the loan, our title company was amazed at the terms and rate we got from SunTrust on a home of our value. The president of the title company had been doing this for over 30 years and said she has never seen terms like this before on a loan of this amount. I have since recommended this program, Josh and his team to numerous friends and colleagues all over the country.

As physicians young in our career, we all face many of the same challenges getting started in our career and working to get ourselves and our families settled. Josh and the SunTrust program make things simple to get your family settled in your dream house. I've never met Josh face to face, but I feel very indebted to him for mine and my family's sake. I would recommend anyone who is eligible should take full advantage of the loan opportunity and service Josh will offer. Thanks Josh! 

-R. Conners

As a first time home buyer, I was more than a little apprehensive about going through the process of securing a mortgage, especially in these times of rigorous criteria for obtaining home loans. I found information about Josh Feldman and the Suntrust physician mortgage loan through an online search. I contacted Josh even though I lived in a different state. After a phone conversation where he obtained some information, Josh was able to tell me within a few minutes whether I would be able to qualify for the 100%, no PMI physician loan. We found the home we wanted to buy and, as the saying goes, that's all she wrote...The process was unbelieveably smooth. Josh and his team were very informative and kept in close contact with any updates or needed documentation. At that time, the real estate market was still in a slump and a 5% down payment was routinely required in the state of Florida. I was most impressed by Josh who worked extra hard to make sure I was able to get the necessary exception in order to secure  100% financing at a very reasonable interest rate, which was very helpful coming right out of residency. Overall, I was extremely satisfied with the whole process and Josh and his assistant Kelly as well as Debra, the loan processor, were all exceptional. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy a home.

-B. Belachew, MD

I found Josh by searching "doctors loans" on google. He was quick and responsive. He spoke in plain language and terms that I understood. He was confident that he had the best product for me....and he delivered. The rates were significantly better than his competitors and there were no surprises at closing time. Throughout the whole process he was completely professional and kept us informed. Things went as smoothly as one could expect. When it's time to "upgrade" to a bigger house he'll be the first person I call.

-Scott W. MD Charlotte, NC

My fiancé and I recently used Josh Feldman and SunTrust Mortgage to secure a mortage on a home in Knoxville, TN. After graduating medical school and considering the burden of student loan debt, the benefits of a Doctor Loan through SunTrust Mortgage seemed like the best option for our family. Although the process was not without speed bumps, as the process of closing on a home tends to be, Josh always addressed any problems quickly and directly and made sure we could close on time. Not only that, but as we say in the South, he was 'down right pleasant' to deal with. We know we made the right choice in who to manage our mortage process.

-K. McDaniel, DO and S. Litton, Knoxville, TN

I was referred to Josh through another banking company. From the first time we spoke, he was very polite and extremely helpful. As a first-time home buyer, Josh took extra time to explain various aspects of the process and was continuously available throughout. Not only did he get me a fantastic deal on a physician loan (about 2% lower than the other banks I contacted), but he constantly kept me informed of the progress, as well as updated me on anything I could do to help get a better rate or move things along quicker. Though it was long distance and everything was done over the phone and by email, the process was extremely simple and very convenient. Even when there was a snag from the attorney's office at closing, Josh told me not to worry about it and that he'd handle it. A little while later, he called back and had everything taken care of, just as he promised! I would like to thank Josh, his team and SunTrust. I would highly recommend to anyone and would not hesitate to use him again myself.

-M. Giglia, M.D., Birmingham, AL

After getting started in a career as a hospitalist after residency, I was ready to buy my first home. Josh and his team at SunTrust were recommended by my friend and realtor for my mortgage loan needs. SunTrust was one of the few in town that offered the 'Doctor Loan' program, where a down payment was not necessary. He and his staff were very knowledgeable, quickly assessable, and guided me through every step of the process. They made it easy and stress free. I would not only recommend them to my friends and family, but will plan on using them again in the future.

-A. Bright, MD, Charleston, SC

I was searching the internet for banks that provide physician loans, and I came across Joshua at SunTrust. My husband has been out of residency for a year, and I am about to enter a cardiology fellowship, so we were in a special situation. What impressed me the most about Josh was how he ALWAYS picked up the phone, even at 8:00 at night, to discuss anything. He pulled through on some very tight timelines, and was always super professional. Now, we are in the home of our dreams, and I am not sure we could have done it without Josh!

-C. & T. Ruiz, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Prior to starting residency I had gone with a Doctor's Loan through another bank so had some familiarity of what I was looking for after completing my program. I found Mr. Feldman's information through a simple Google search of participating banks in North Carolina and immediately called him. From start to finish Mr. Feldman was fantastic. I appreciated his demeanor, professionalism, assurance (knowing how stressful home/loan purchases can be) and insight. Throughout the process I felt completely supported. Additionally, Mr. Feldman works with some great staff; his assistant and Mortgage Loan Coordinator were wonderful to work with. Again, I felt completely taken care of by all. I would certainly work with them again and would recommend Mr. Feldman and his staff to anyone.

-S. Emerson, DO, Asheville, NC

I found out about Josh and the SunTrust Mortgage Doctor loan through a friend at work. She reassured me that there would be a minimum of paperwork, and that I could do most everything electronically. I couldn't be happier that I took her advice. I received a competitive rate on my mortgage and every communication with Josh or Kelly was professional and prompt. I would happily recommend Josh and SunTrust Mortgage to all my friends.

-E. Smith

Josh did great with our move from SC to WV. We decided to keep our house in SC, and so needed 100% financing in WV. Josh did a great job getting us a competitive doctor loan. His team worked well with my realtor in WV, who commented on how smoothly everything went. I recommend Josh most highly.


My fiancé and I were trying to buy a house in Anderson, SC from St. Louis, MO when we learned about Josh and his team. I was about to graduate medical school and my fiance had just graduated physician assistant school the previous december. We had a significant amount of student loans and not much income yet. This was the first home either of had bought, so we needed 100% financing and as much help with the process as we could get. Josh and his assistant Kelly were absolutely amazing! He was friendly, professional, and most importantly and impressively he was always available for any questions I had, usually returning a call or email within a couple of hours. We had already planned a trip out to Anderson for 3 weeks after our contract was signed, so we asked if we could set up the closing for that date, knowing we were rushing Josh. He handled it perfectly and we closed on the day we asked. We couldn't have asked for anyone better, and I have already recommended him to all my friends moving to the east coast!

-D. Lawrence, MD

We used a doctor loan to close on a dream house last week, and Josh Feldman's team did an amazing job - the whole process was smooth and simple. We bought in Durham, NC, and so we were a little nervous about working with an out of state person, but Josh proved us wrong. His team would respond to e-mails and phone calls within just a few hours, so it was like his office was just down the hall from us. All I had to do was fill out the loan application, send in some documents to prove my employment and income, and they literally took care of everything else. We showed up at closing, finished with some signatures, and picked up the keys to our new house. I have other friends that recently bought with doctor loans, and they can't believe how simple and uncomplicated my experience was compared to theirs. I highly recommend working with Josh and his top-notch team at SunTrust."

- Dr. H.Hong Durham, NC

After graduating from medical school and moving to a new state, I was unsure if I should buy or rent. When I saw the fantastic interest rate Josh found for me however, it was no-brainer. As a first time buyer, I was a little daunted by the whole experience. Thankfully, Josh and his team were there to help me every step of the way. They understood the challenges of a first time buyer and were experienced working with the physician loan. Everything he and his team did was professional and timely. I was out of state when I started the whole process and Josh and his team bent over backwards to help me do everything through phone and the email. I would definitely recommend Josh to anyone looking to finance a home.

-M. Jones, MD, Charleston, SC

My wife and I just got our mortgage through SunTrust and Josh Feldman really came through for us on the Doctor loan. Although he is in a different state it seemed like he was right next door. Josh was always available to answer my questions and helped us wrap up all of our paperwork early.

-J. Cooper, Florida

My husband and I were in the market to purchase a home in the Nashville, TN market. We had met Josh while living in Charleston, SC and we knew his reputation was impeccable but still had concerns about financing a home out of state. I had recently accepted a position with a multi-specialty group and had very little free time. Having someone like Josh walk me through the process was amazing. He was very knowledgeable about his products and understood what our needs and desires were when it came to our financing.

Josh and his staff were easy to work with and exceeded our expectations. When we are in the market to purchase another home, we will not hesitate to call Josh and his team of experts.

- Dr. S. Garwood, Nashville, TN

My wife and I closed on an amazing home in Bethesda, MD in early July. We were currently living in Houston, TX at the time and were having a hard time finding a lender who would give us the necessary approval for this home. A few other companies stated that they could not provide us financing, but a quick internet search for doctor loans and I was lucky enough to find Josh Feldman and his team at SunTrust. At first, we were a little hesitant to use a lender who was located in South Carolina while we were living in Texas and the home was in DC, but after speaking with Josh the first time we decided to give it a try. We couldn't have been happier with our choice. As we are both doctors we do have substantial earning potential but our student loans and debt to income ratio I think kept some of the other lenders away. Josh and his team were able to secure a substantial home loan and the process was pain free. Josh was professional, polite, and responded to phone calls and emails almost immediatley even on the weekends. For a physician loan, I would highly recommend SunTrust and Josh Feldman, no matter where you live or where you are planning to purchase a home.

- Dr. S. Campbell, Houston, TX Resident / Bethesda, MD Purchase

My wife and I are recent transplants from California to Tennessee. Josh's name came up in an internet search for physician loan specialist in the area, and I'm glad he did because we couldn't be happier with the results. He was professional, prompt, and honest throughout the entire process and we closed in less than a month on the perfect house. Despite the fact that Josh was in a different state and we never physically met, it was an easy and flawless process... the smoothest home purchase we've ever had. The physician home loan is a NO-BRAINER for any physician or resident and Josh Feldman is the guy to go to.

-Dr. N. Claydon, MD. Signal Mountain, TN

I was referred to Josh Feldman by a partner in our practice as I knew he had recently bought a home. He reiterated not to waste my time with anyone else, that Josh Feldman and SunTrust Bank had the best offer going and I couldn't agree more. He was incredibly willing to be reachable at all times of the day, and to do everything he could to make the deal happen as smoothly as possible, far surpassing my expectations. I had an excellent experience from my initial conversations with him all the way through my closing, he always took the time to answer all of my questions and explain the "why" behind each decision. I am thankful for the referral and am glad to pass it on to others.

-T. Lee, MD, Miami, FL

I had the pleasure of using Josh at SunTrust as my mortgage lender. He came through as he said he would. In the economy of 2013 it can still be a little tough to get financing, even for doctors. It is still a task on our part to come up with all necessary documents. Before I had contacted Josh I had talked to many others. They just couldn't meet my needs with 100% financing. As a graduating resident I needed that extra little help. Josh made it happen for my family. His staff will bend over backwards for you and will will smooth out the bumpy process for you. He did a great job and I will use his services again next time I need them.

-C. Durant

My wife and I have lived in Charleston for several years, but were finally ready to buy our first home. We were interested in learning more about the Doctor Loan, and Josh was referred to us. We found him very helpful and easily accessible, and were pleasantly surprised at how easy he made the process. We would definitely recommend him in the future! Thanks Josh

-B. & A. Toci

Last year, my wife and I had a "double" surprise....twin girls! Our prior home was ideal for us and our 5 year old son, but now we need a bigger home. I called my previous mortgage broker who had a similar physician loan program, but he was no longer doing business in Virginia and he recommended I call Josh at SunTrust. Josh and his team were truly amazing! They guided us through the whole process with promptness, honesty, professionalism and efficiency from beginning to end. We couldn't be happier with our new family home and would recommend Josh without reservation to anyone looking for a new home. Thank You Josh!

-R. Light MD, Virginia Beach, VA

I can't thank the Feldman team enough for the guidance and support that you provided during our process. I had some hesitation at first since we were buying in Arkansas and your office was located in South Carolina but the difference between SunTrust's rates and EVERYONE else's was so great, we took the chance... not one hiccup on the bank side of things, not one complaint about the process even though we were 1,000 miles apart. Josh and Kelly were always there when we needed something! God bless your team and I'll definitely recommend you... oh wait... I already have

-B. Jeffus, MD, Arkansas

Josh helped me and my wife in getting mortgage for our home in Lutherville, MD. Two friends who had recently purchased homes in Maryland introduced Josh to us. In fact, when I researched more, I realized Josh had helped five of my friends, all living in MD, over the preceding year.

We found Josh and his colleagues very helpful, courteous, and efficient. Although we were in Maryland and Josh was in South Carolina, everything went smoothly. We were able to receive the funding with a relatively low down payment and at a very good rate.

-M. Mohebtash, MD & F. Kamangar, Lutherville, MD

Trying to purchase a home in Alabama, I spent a lot of time researching rates from private lenders, small banks and large banks. My realtor told me that she generally doesn't like dealing with big banks, but to call Josh Feldman - he knows how to get things done. Josh gave a personal touch to a process that can seem inhumane at times. The rates I received from SunTrust destroyed the competition. Out of courtesy, I called several lendors I did not use; after hearing about my rates, they all fell silent and stated that they would go with SunTrust if they were in my place. My family and I are now in our new house and are loving it more every day!

-D. Carter

I contacted Josh after finding his name along with representatives from 3 other banks online. After speaking with him briefly about the physician loan program, I decided it would be a great time to jump in if we could make everything work. He was several states away, but was able to coordinate everything we needed to do with email and phone calls. His staff was great with follow up and sending detailed instruction throughout the process. I had an interesting situation initially was going to make the program difficult, but on return call he was willing to give it a shot. The staff there worked for us and were able to get our loan for us in plenty of time without any major bumps in the road at all. I have already referred a couple colleagues his way, and will continue to do so. Thanks again.

-C. Key, MD, Alabama

My wife and I found Joshua Feldman through some references from some of our colleagues in town and worked with him for our first home purchase together. The experience was seamless and Josh was always available to answer any questions we had. What a great experience! We look forward to working with him again in the future.

-The Gibbs family, Tampa, FL

Having Josh and his team at SunTrust Mortgage handle our physician loan was the best decision we made during our relocation. Our long-distance move took place on relatively short notice during a very busy time in our lives, and Josh made the process as easy and painless as possible. Everything was done remotely without a single hiccup. The timeline and requirements were laid out from day one, he secured us a great rate, and our closing date was met with ease. Josh and his team had everything under control throughout the process. If I wanted to reach Josh at any time, he was always just an e-mail or phone call away. Every e-mail was promptly returned with a personal e-mail or phone call, even on weekends or when he was out of the office on vacation. I felt like my application had Josh's undivided attention at all times and my business was very important to him. Needless to say, I was very impressed and thankful to have Josh on our side and would recommend him to anyone purchasing a home. Thank you Josh!

-T. Keena, MD - Charleston, SC

Josh Feldman and his team were extremely responsive, easy to work with, and knowledgeable. They made the mortgage process smooth and efficient, even though we were buying a home in another state. It was actually easier to get in touch with Josh than with brokers in our local area! I would recommend him to anyone considering a Suntrust Doctor Loan.

-L. Cohen, MD

Josh helped us with our doctor loan and we are absolutely satisfied with his service, as a matter of fact, our experience with him has completely exceeded my expectation. We had a long-distance interstate move, which is quite stressful when you are trying to purchase a home remotely, switch jobs, figure out your kids' schools and etc. With Josh in a different state, I couldn't believe how accessible, efficient and responsive he was. He was always one-step ahead and really took care of our loan and us. I felt like he really got our back and is very reliable and professional. When we had so many things need to take care while moving, it felt great that we didn't have to worry about our home loan at all as we got him. He is like someone constantly on-call to take care of your home loan if you have questions and problems. We are really impressed with his skills and capacity to get you the best rate and get things done very efficiently and thoroughly. He will be the person we will go to anytime if we need another loan, and I highly recommend him to all my friends, physician colleagues and family members.

-Y. Liu, MD, PhD

We made a cross country move to Colorado from Florida. I found Josh Feldman searching for a physicians mortgage loan on the internet. So glad I found him. Didn't know if he could help us since he's located in South Carolina and we were buying a home in Colorado (where there is no SunTrust Bank in the state). I sent an email via his website in the evening asking if he could give us a loan in Colorado and received a response within an hour! With that quick of a response I knew it was a good sign. Josh is VERY professional and ALWAYS quick to respond. He made the process very quick, smooth and stress-free. I am very happy with his services and so glad that I found him. I highly recommend Joshua Feldman and his team.

-S. Albright, Castle Rock, CO

I attended medical school in Georgia and matched at a program in South Carolina. Not only was I nervous about starting residency at a new program, but my husband and I were looking to buy our first house in our new city as well. I originally investigated an online Doctor Loan program, but found that they did not offer house loans in the state of South Carolina. They happened to recommend that I contact Josh Feldman at SunTrust mortgage instead, because SunTrust offers a similar (and in the end, better) Doctor Loan to residents in South Carolina! Both my husband and I were pleased with the benefits to the SunTrust loan and Josh's help throughout the process. Josh would call me back no matter the day or time if I had a loan question. He was completely accessible and friendly! He also made it a point to contact me as the loan was being processed to give me updates. Even something as small as knowing that the appraisal went through was a great relief during an otherwise stressful time. As a medical student, sometimes I found it hard to place important tasks in the hands of complete strangers, but Josh definitely put my husband and me at ease. Overall, I was so pleased to have worked with Josh towards getting our home loan, and I would recommend him to any and all future medical grads! He's amazing!

-S. Gibson, MD

I have several properties that I have financed over the years with other lenders. My recent experience with the purchase of our dream home, Josh Feldman from SunTrust Mortgage was completely different. He kept me upto date about the entire process. Above all his honesty and integrity was something I had not been used to dealing with other lenders. Even though he was located several states away from me, it seemed like he was in the office next door to mine through the entire process.

-W. Baqaie, MD

My husband and I began looking for homes during my last year of residency and we needed to do a 100% finance loan. After looking online, we found Josh and were impressed by the reviews from his past customers. We contacted him and he was very fast getting everything moving. Even though we were in Virginia and Josh in South Carolina, we never had to worry about chasing issues with the loan. He was even able to get us our loan months before I finished my residency. Josh and his team were very professional and made the whole process very smooth. We have already recommended him to other friends and would not hesitate to use him again. Thanks again,

-J. Barker, Virginia Beach, VA

Searching for a physician mortgage loan, I found Josh via internet search. I emailed him describing what I was looking for in a mortgage loan and that I would like to discuss any possible options he had for us. I left him my number via email and almost immediately I received a call and we hit it off immediately. He knows what physicians need in a mortgage loan and how he is able to provide what seemingly all others now do not. Working with Josh has always been a pleasure, each conversation productive and straightforward. He is a professional and an excellent communicator. My wife and I literally could not be happier in our new home and there is no way we could have done it without his help. I am very grateful and I recommend Josh to the fullest extent.

-K. Bevis, MD, Arkansas


For a first-time home buyer using an out of state mortgage firm was a courageous decision. But you and your team have made it a smart one. I did get a great doctor's loan rate and there were no surprises. Infact everything was very streamlined and the loan was in place within 25 days of me deciding to go with you. I am very grateful to you and your team for being so patient with me in answering my smallest concerns. I would absolutely recommend your services to anyone looking for a doctor's loan and expecting a transparent and prompt service.

-S. Singh, MD, Arkansas

I was recommended to Josh Feldman and SunTrust Mortgage by my realtor as he had worked with Josh in the past with other physicians. I was initially nervous about working with someone out of state and the loan falling through. That obviously did not happen and I have been more than happy with Josh and SunTrust through the whole process. There were no problems and everything went smoothly. We received an amazing rate and bought the house of our dreams. I would highly recommend Josh, Kelly and SunTrust

-S. Davis, MD, Little Rock, AR

I was searching for a doctors' loan and found Josh's information from an online search. I was hesitant to use someone from an online search for such a big investment. I emailed Josh and got a phone call back that same night. He was very confident that he would be able to get me the best loan possible and that he will beat the competition. He was also confident that I would not need a local officer, as he has done these loans for people out of state many times. It took over a year to build our house, and with lots of patience, Josh dealt with our builder in a very professional manner and was available each and every time I needed him. He truly is available whenever you need and returns emails and phone calls promptly. Josh gave the best offer, and no one came close to beating his cost of loan, or the rate he gave. I closed my home with SunTrust in Oct 2013 and it went very smoothly. I live in Florida, and all my loan information was done without having to be at the bank. I am fortunate to have worked with Josh and his team at SunTrust! He will no doubt get my business again if I needed a loan, and highly recommend him to my colleagues. Thanks a lot Josh!!

-P. Nichols

I would like to thank Joshua Feldman of SunTrust for his tremendous effort in assisting us finding the right loan and processing it expeditiously. Joshua is well versed in Physicians Loan mortgage lending. He was courteous and diligent, often calling me daily to update on the process. Joshua also has an extensive network of colleagues that were able to assist us in other areas of the loan approval. To the day we still maintain a great rapport. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a mortgage in the South East.

-S. Wilhelm and N. Nadel, DO

SunTrust was recommended to me by one of my physician friends. Josh responded very promptly to my initial query to SunTrust. He was very helpful throughout whole process of my home loan. He explained all my queries and concerns immediately and clearly. He provided me with the rate that no one could beat. I actually shopped around and asked other competitor lenders to beat his rate and they told me that if the rate he was giving me was true, then they would recommend me to go with him. That made me feel comfortable that I was getting the best rate. The closing process was very smooth and actually we moved our closing date to 15 days sooner than planned date and still everything went well. Overall, Josh was polite, helpful, supportive and available and his rate was the best. I wish him all the best and highly recommend him for any home loan. He reminds me a fact that one does not need to be smart but persistent and dedicated on what he does to be successful.

-B. Pudasaini, MD

Working with Josh Feldman and his team while purchasing our first home was a very pleasant experience. Although we are in Maryland while he is in South Carolina, Josh was always accessible, reassuring me several times that I could call anytime (which I did given my odd hours). Always patient and willing to answer my many questions, Josh worked efficiently and effectively to ensure everything went smoothly. He made sure to call me throughout the process to explain everything, which my wife and I really appreciated. Never did we feel like we were out of the loop. Just a few examples of his excellent service include: calling his office while making an offer and having a customized preapproval letter sent to me within minutes, his office pre-populating most of the application for us which greatly decreased the paperwork burden, and sending us the form for closing the day before for our review. Our realtor actually commented that this was the smoothest, fastest closing that she has ever been a part of. We greatly appreciate the hard work of Josh Feldman and his team and would recommend him to anyone, anywhere.

-J. Kim, MD

Josh Feldman and his team at SunTrust are very professional and worked extremely hard to help us close on our house in six weeks. Although Josh and I live in the same city, all transactions and communications were handled efficiently and effectively via internet and fax. Josh and his team are easily reachable by both phone and/or email and always prompt to return any messages. I do not hesitate recommending Josh and his team to assist other physicians in buying a home.

-B. Lingerfelt, MD

We found Josh on the internet searching for Dr. Loans. Even though he’s located a couple of states away, we realized quickly that he was the best fit for us because of his extensive knowledge, professionalism and responsiveness. Once the process started he and his staff were always anticipating the next step and looking out for our best interests by advising the seller’s agents as to the next step in the process. Our buying process was a bit of bumpy one due to delays on the seller’s part and Josh handled them masterfully. If it wasn’t for the efforts of him and his team my wife and I are confident we wouldn’t have closed on the deal and wouldn’t be living in our current home. The highest praise I can give Josh is by referring him to other doctors, which I have done on numerous occasions, as well as use his service again which we plan to do for our next move.

-J. & A. Salyards

My wife and I were searching for a mortgage through SunTrust and Josh Feldman's name kept appearing with incredible recommendations. We currently owned a home that we acquired during residency and it was in a two year lease contract so we were unsure if we would be able to purchase another home. All we can say is, if you are not using Josh Feldman and his team, what are you waiting for? I would highly recommend Josh and his team if you are looking for a Doctor's mortgage loan package. Josh and his team are very knowledgeable and know the mortgage process. We were coming up short on time as I had already started my position, but Josh delivered with no hiccups. We were able to purchase our dream home and we would use Josh again with no qualms.

-M. H. King, III

Josh Feldman was awesome. Another doctor recommended me to him as a highly productive and efficient loan officer. I just finished my training and moved as a faculty member to the University of Miami. This is the first house I purchased in my life. With Josh, I did not find it difficult at all - all transactions and communications were easy and quick. I felt as if he was on-call for me 24/7. I had a lot of questions - he had quick and professional answers for me, STAT. Moreover, for 2 weeks before closing I was overseas. Largely, I closed while not even being in the country. I have high standards and expectations and Josh exceeded them all and delivered what I was expecting from him. I truly believe if I used some other person's help, the process would not had been so smooth. Without any hesitation I would recommend him for a physician buyer. I am planning on purchasing some investment properties and I hope Josh will help me with those as well.

-O. Kryvenko, MD

Josh Feldman and his team offered me an incredible deal and rate to finance my "Doctor Loan" mortgage in TN. Choosing a loan officer was one of many important decisions I've made recently in beginning my residency in a new state. My wife and I have been completely satisfied with our decision to work with Josh, Jules and Kelly, and will recommend the team to any new MDs with an abundance of debt and a paucity of cash reserve. He was always available, competent, patient and friendly. No issues using his services from another state. This was my second home purchase and it went so much more smoothly than my first, which was financed by local bank. Give these guys a call!

-C. Kluemper, MD

Josh was fantastic! I never had any problems getting in touch with him, and he helped me understand every step we took on the mortgage process. I felt like I was in good hands.

-T. Severson, MD

I have known Josh for 8 years. He has helped me with 2 mortgages (As a resident and attending) and a refinance. The most recent mortgage required a last minute date change and Josh was able to come through and meet the deadline despite short notice. He works tirelessly and is always in communication. The rate we got was phenomenal. I'd highly recommend Josh. I will be using him for my future home financing! Thanks Josh

-B. Grimm, MD

Josh and SunTrust did an excellent job handling my physician mortgage needs. He did everything he said he would do and was very responsive and approachable during the whole process. He stayed late and was always just a phone call away. Josh made sure to follow through on his promised closing date and the closing process went smoothly. Even though Josh may not be local to the home you are buying, he makes it seem like he is next door to your property. SunTrust did a great job overall and I got the best interest rate on the market, I am sure.

-C. Smith, MD

My wife and kids and I were very excited to be able to match to our first choice town and residency program. We were also excited to have an opportunity to buy a house after renting for four years during med school. Near the end of fourth year, I had participated in a seminar that advertised the doctor loan type mortgage and was excited to have the opportunity to buy and own a house again. Later we found out that there were few lenders in our state who were able to offer such a loan, but fortunately we were able to find Josh and his team. At first, I thought there might be difficulties working with Josh since he was 2 states away but the service he provided and his team's ability to communicate with their contacts made it seem like he was down the street. Josh made the process seem simple and I very quickly realized that I needed to follow all of his advice. He would even call me afterhours to make sure everything was going well. So we found the house that we really liked and that met our budget and then it seemed like we started hitting hurdle after hurdle. For instance, we had quite a bit of paperwork to manage and produce and Kelly and Josh and his team streamlined these tasks and made it all painless; then we had issues with new fabricated FEMA flood plain issues in the area and required flood insurance, etc. Thankfully, Josh and his team were there with us to meet every challenge with solutions that were graceful and that demonstrated wisdom and experience.

-J. Brewer, MD, Alabama

I had the pleasure of working with Josh Feldman. I knew I wanted to purchase a home during my medical residency but I questioned whether I would have the time, energy, or knowledge to go through the process during my intern year. I was fortunate to work with Josh as he made the process very simple and was available whenever I had questions at odd hours. I never actually met Josh in person. I found his contact information in an online search. I knew I wanted a mortgage loan officer who was familiar with the physician mortgage loan program. Josh specializes in this program and he really understands the unique needs of physicians. With his expertise I was able to get the loan I wanted and complete the entire process online. Both my wife and I felt the process was much easier than expected.

-D. Tandberg

I found Josh Feldman through an online search, and was initially apprehensive about working with someone out of state (we’re in Florida), but after only one conversation with him I proceeded with confidence. We had a complicated home purchase, and throughout the process Josh was professional and responsive. He answered emails usually within minutes (!), and was always available by phone, as well. For every question I threw at him, he had an immediate and accurate answer. It was a pleasure to work with someone so diligent and detail oriented, who delivered on his promises, and who truly went above and beyond to help us close this deal. I highly recommend Josh Feldman to anyone who is looking to purchase a new home!

-P. Freedland, MD

Josh was our loan officer for our home purchase in Florida through the Doctor’s loan program. I spoke with several other lenders offering physician loans, and from the first phone call it was clear that Josh was far above the rest. He was always available with virtually instant answers to every question I had. Never did I get a vague, canned response that didn't answer my question. He reached out to our realtor who was also quite impressed with his responsiveness and availability. Josh was upfront with the challenges and process of the loan and is true to his word. His whole team was a pleasure to work with. All the testimonials you read are true…I highly recommend him without any hesitation. A true professional and expert in his field that I am very happy we found!

-B. Palmer