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Ensuring that your family’s values endure.

From helping to sustain and manage wealth across generations to serving as “Chief Financial Officer” in overseeing your family’s wealth enterprise, our GenSpring team of family wealth experts focuses on growing and preserving wealth in support of your family’s enduring values.

GenSpring exclusively serves clients with $25MM+ in managed investments. In order to provide the sophisticated expertise needed to proactively advise relationships of this complexity, GenSpring professionals have our lowest client-to-advisor ratio. As part of our collaborative community of individuals, families and committed professionals, you have access to:

The GenSpring Client Experience

Low Client-to-Advisor Ratio

GenSpring professionals are singularly focused on relationships with $25MM+ and have our lowest Client-to-Advisor ratio.

  • Anticipate your needs with proactive advice
  • Singular focus on relationships with $25MM+
  • Career specialists in family wealth

Investment Expertise

Investors are matched with highly credentialed professionals who have sophisticated expertise in identifying unique opportunities.

  • Portfolio is customized to help achieve your unique goals
  • Access to some of the world's foremost investment managers

Collaborative Community

Invitations to peer learning networks provide opportunities to share stories, capture best practices and explore new ideas.

  • Family Symposium
  • Women & Wealth Initiative
  • Next Generation Forum

Governance & Education

A team of highly trained specialists will create and deliver a customized experience designed to optimize a family's ability to sustain and enhance wealth for multiple generations.

  • Governance is especially helpful for families with shared assets
  • Education starting as young as age five

Enhanced Reporting

Access to technology and operations offerings that are designed specifically to help address and simplify the complex needs of ultra-high net-worth investors.

  • Transparency across all portfolios and private investments
  • View performance individually and in aggregate

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Articles and resources that can help you on your journey.

Through collaboration with experts, internal research, and working with some of the world’s wealthiest families, GenSpring has identified 25 non-financial best practices that we believe enhance a family’s ability to sustain family wealth across generations.


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With wealth comes financial security, but without financial literacy, finances can slip away. Providing opportunities for learning is a crucial component to helping families sustain their wealth across generations.


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Asset requirements for program participation eligibility are based on managed assets held with SunTrust.

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