SunTrust SummitView®

Simplicity, Convenience and Confidence.

Those are three words very rarely associated with managing complex wealth issues; but thanks to SunTrust SummitView they now can be.

Our innovative, collaborative, web-based financial planning solution allows you and your advisor to work together on building and monitoring a custom financial plan—whenever and wherever time permits. At any point in time, you'll know where you are in relation to your goals, so you can quickly make adjustments to get back on track.

Watch a Quick Overview of How SummitView Works:

Watch a Quick Overview of How SummitView Works

SunTrust SummitView allows you to:

  • Enjoy a fully integrated view of your total financial picture by consolidating all your investment accounts (both here at SunTrust and elsewhere) in one place
  • Establish multiple goals and track your progress towards them so you know whenever modifications to your plan are needed
  • Model various "what if" scenarios to see how spending, investment and economic changes might affect your wealth
  • Store important financial documents (e.g., wills and trusts) safely and securely

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