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Stay committed in the face of market uncertainty.

Even though market turmoil and investment risk are unavoidable realities, proper asset allocation and diversification across industries, asset classes and global markets can help lessen those risks and serve as essential drivers of investment success. 1

When you’re confident that someone is watching over your portfolio, it empowers you to stay committed to your long-term strategy. Let a SunTrust advisor show you how we optimally allocate and diversify portfolios to mitigate unnecessary risk using:

  • Total Return Strategies for Consistency
    Rather than focus exclusively on growth or solely on income, we believe a total-return approach that incorporates both objectives will result in a well-diversified portfolio that has a better risk profile corresponding to your goals and a greater degree of tax-efficiency.

  • Periodic Rebalancing to Minimize Unintended Risk
    Over time, allocations can drift from their original targets. A disciplined rebalancing strategy keeps your portfolio more closely aligned with your goals, potentially reducing risk.

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1 Asset allocation and diversification do not ensure against loss and does not assure a profit.

SunTrust Bank and its affiliates and the directors, officers, employees and agents of SunTrust Bank and its affiliates (collectively, "SunTrust") are not permitted to give legal or tax advice. Clients of SunTrust should consult with their legal and tax advisors prior to entering into any financial transaction.
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