Investment Philosophy

Our Investment Philosophy

At its core, investing is about understanding what you want to achieve in life and aligning your portfolio to give you the greatest probability of success. Markets don't move in a straight line but over the long-term, portfolios appropriately matched to speak goals typically achieve them.

At SunTrust, our investment philosophy is grounded in understanding your goals, following a disciplined investment approach and maximizing every opportunity in keeping with our four tenets of successful investing:

Invest with a Purpose

We believe your investments should be a reflection of your goals, and that success should be measured relative to those goals.

Adhere to a Disciplined Process

Our consistent and disciplined approach helps keep you grounded during periods of market turmoil, while still providing enough flexibility to capture potential near-term opportunities.

Mitigate Unnecessary Risk

We strive to mitigate your investment risk through diversification, rebalancing and aligning your portfolio with your risk profile to generate returns that are consistent with you goals.

Select Investments Wisely

We select a mix of investments that aligns with your financial circumstances, goals and preferences. We match these criteria with investment vehicles that best align with our investment strategy views and positioning.

Articles and resources that can help you on your journey.

The right financial plan and portfolio allocations can help you weather the ups and downs of the market. SunTrust’s Jennifer Capouya shares her insights for constructing a financial plan that aligns with your situation.


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Research and market experiences typically suggest that a diversified portfolio optimizes investors’ chances of meeting their goals. Is diversification still the right approach in today’s market?


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