Special Needs Trusts

Protecting fragile futures.

Who is going to take care of my loved one with special needs when I pass away, and how much is it going to cost? For any parent of a child with a disability, it is likely the single most worrisome financial planning question of all.

You want to ensure that the physical and financial care of a loved one with special needs is provided for, while carefully considering the willingness and ability of other family members to assume physical, as well as financial caregiving, obligations after you are gone..

By working with your SunTrust advisor to establish a Special Needs Trust, you can shift that financial responsibility to a professional money manager, so family members can simply focus on providing love.

  • 3rd Party Trusts can be funded by parents or grandparents as part of their estate plan to ensure that the long-term care needs of a loved one with a disability will be met.

A few more ways we can help you when considering a Special Needs trust:

Articles and resources that can help you on your journey.

Planning and communicating are critical to the success of wealth transfer. These five steps can help guide you as you make your plan and prepare your heirs for the eventual transfer of your estate.


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