Life Insurance for Estate Planning

An incredibly flexible estate planning tool.

Both within and outside of trusts, insurance can be a highly effective means of tax efficiently transferring your wealth and protecting your estate. As an estate planning tool, insurance can serve a host of purposes including:

  • Providing sufficient cash for estate settlement costs and taxes in order to avoid the forced sale of assets
  • Allowing you to move assets outside of your taxable estate when held in an Irrevocable Lifetime Insurance Trust
  • Serving as a means to equalize inheritances when illiquid assets like a family business are a significant part of your estate
  • Enabling you to support an important charity, while at the same time possibly reducing your estate tax obligation

Working together with our insurance and trust specialists, your SunTrust advisor can help you explore a variety of solutions to protect your wealth and maximize your legacy for future generations.

Did you know?

While IRAs, CDs and certain annuities may be efficient savings vehicles they can be inefficient methods of transferring wealth. By liquidating those assets and using the proceeds to pay premiums for a life insurance policy, you could positively impact your tax liability.

Insurance products are offered by SunTrust Investment Services, Inc.

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