Wealth Management Specialties

Planning solutions for physicians, athletes and others with complex wealth management needs.

While there's no such thing as a typical client, there ARE certain sophisticated needs, challenges and financial considerations that are common to clients in specialized disciplines or unique wealth situations.

For that reason, the SunTrust Private Wealth Management team includes specialty advisors who have extensive knowledge of the circumstances faced by specific types of clients—physicians and attorneys , athletes and entertainers, international clients and the ultra-high net worth.

From professional athletes with special liquidity needs to professional musicians looking to effectively manage royalties and publication rights, we’re adept at planning around unpredictable income streams.

Whether you head a multi-disciplinary practice in need of cash cycle management support, or are a practicing physician seeking specialized wealth management, we’ll provide solutions that let you focus on care.

At the firm level, our responsive escrow services are widely respected; while individual partners turn to us for everything from lending and debt management to retirement planning.

We provide for the personal wealth needs, as well as the business offshore banking needs for clients from over 50 countries around the world.

For clients with $5MM-$25MM in investible assets and more sophisticated needs, we offer specialized expertise in estate and tax planning, philanthropy and liability protection.

For those who believe the complexity of wealth should be managed to bring families closer together, GenSpring exclusively serves ultra-high net worth clients of SunTrust Private Wealth.

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