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You’ve studied years to develop your area of expertise, collaborating with specialists in other legal disciplines to solve your clients’ toughest challenges. It’s the same approach that your SunTrust advisor and specialists draw on to provide wealth management advice for attorneys and legal professionals on both a personal and practice level.

These days you need to work a lot harder to acquire and retain clients, and the track to partnership can be far more difficult. Yet the average attorney enters the workforce with more than $180,000 in debt.1

Solutions for Your Personal Wealth.

Whether you're a newly named partner or a senior attorney beginning to plan an exit strategy, a SunTrust advisor can help you address a wide array of wealth needs:

Solutions for Your Practice.

From escrow services and fund wires, to advice and facilitation of real estate purchase/lease decisions, we can help alleviate your firm’s most pressing concerns.

Resources that can help you on your journey.

Escrow Expertise

Let us manage distribution of interest and provide automatic proof of payment as well as receipts for business records and tax reporting for your nominal or short-term client funds through a SunTrust IOLTA (Interest on Lawyers Trust Account).

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Deferred Compensation Partner Plans

SunTrust can help you identify and implement the right blend of employee benefit solutions to attract and retain the talent that will keep you competitive.

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1 "Firms offer cash to help new lawyers pay student debt," New York Times, July 2016
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