Your Life Priorities: Women and Investing

Take hold of the financial reins.

You do so much for so many. You’ve earned the right to make you and your financial future a priority. It’s time to take a seat at the financial planning table and an active role in the management of your family’s wealth.

As women, we think differently about money, ascribing far greater significance to longer-term goals such as retirement and legacy planning. But we also face a very different reality. Our incomes continue to lag those of men, yet we live longer and therefore need to save even more. It’s a challenge that requires a fresh perspective and one to which SunTrust advisors are keenly attuned.

Top 5 Financial Concerns of Women1

  • #1 Achieving desired lifestyle in retirement #1
    Achieving desired lifestyle in retirement
  • #2 Outliving retirement savings #2
    Outliving retirement savings
  • #3 Becoming a financial burden to loved ones #3
    Becoming a financial burden to loved ones
  • #4 Financial security if spouse dies #4
    Financial security if spouse dies
  • #5 Healthcare costs in retirement #5
    Healthcare costs in retirement

Joe Sicchitano, Head of Financial Planning, SunTrust Bank and SunTrust Investment Services, provides guidance on making financial decisions related to a spouse’s recent passing.


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Securing care for aged or infirm parents is a burden that often falls on women. That’s why it’s important for America’s working daughters to plan ahead for caregiving responsibilities.


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1 Financial Experience and Behaviors among Women, Prudential Retirement 2015

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