Your Life Priorities: Retirement

Retire Ready.

Successful retirements aren’t predicated on reaching some magic number. They’re achieved by figuring out what will make you happy—whether that’s extensive travel, a passion that could become a second career, or something else entirely—and ensuring you have the means to reach those goals.

A SunTrust advisor can help you envision, clarify and prioritize your retirement goals, align specific investments with each goal, and perhaps most importantly, minimize the unique risks associated with retirement; all so you can better position your wealth to generate a sustainable level of income throughout your life.

Just a few of the many ways we can help your planning for retirement:

  • Tell me if I'm on track for a comfortable retirement
  • Create a retirement plan that integrates with my legacy goals
  • Help me stay on top of multiple employer accounts
  • Find a draw-down rate to help my retirement income last a lifetime
  • Show me how to reduce the risk of retirement assets concentrated in executive compensation plans

Articles and resources that can help you on your journey.

Joe Sicchitano, Senior Vice President and Head of Financial Planning for SunTrust Private Wealth Management, discusses retirement planning and the sustainable withdrawal rate.


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Now that you’re nearing retirement, keep up your momentum and reduce your investment risk with these strategies.


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