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The SunTrust Foundation

Helping guide, advise, and lead people along their road to financial security and wellness, or as we call it, Lighting the Way to Financial Well-Being, is what motivates us every day. And the end of that road is a Life Well Spent—a life of financial strength and confidence. A life free from the worries of financial burden.

Aligned to SunTrust Bank's purpose, the SunTrust Foundation works to advance financial well-being in all of its efforts—from financial education and counseling; to career readiness/workforce development training and entrepreneurship; to thought leadership and new relationships; to supporting the unique needs of its communities.

This purpose is what drives the SunTrust Foundation in our actions, investments, and goals in our communities and the country as a whole.


Helping people achieve their financial goals doesn't stop at our front doors. It drives us to action in and around the communities that we serve.

Grants and Relationships

The national organizations we partner with are dedicated to making a difference on a large scale, and we’re proud to help them in their missions.

How to Apply

The SunTrust Foundation believes that giving back in ways that advance financial well-being and support local philanthropic efforts is essential to building stronger, more confident communities.


For members of the media who want to know more about philanthropy see our Annual Report or find additional information about the SunTrust Foundation in our White Papers.


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