Plan Design & Administration

Is the design of your retirement plan optimized to raise participation and deferral rates so you can deliver better outcomes? Let us show you how we can bring transformative change to your benefits programs through:

  • Automated Plan design features to help drive greater engagement
  • One of the most advanced technology platforms in the industry
  • Specialized consultative services for all aspects of your plan

A high-touch relationship management team is dedicated to helping you minimize daily administrative burdens and focus on your plan’s long-term success.

97% client retention since 2012
Our clients view SunTrust as more than just a benefits provider — we're a trusted advisor and a vested partner in their plan's success.

With an average of more than 20 years' industry experience, our team members bring a depth of expertise and insight to your evolving benefits challenges that few can rival. And we keep our finger on the pulse of the retirement industry and regulatory landscape, so you don't have to.

Streamline your retirement plan solutions.

Want to find out how you can deliver a stronger retirement plan solution while at the same time freeing up your staff so they can focus more time on running your business? Call 866.786.4015 to speak with a Plan Strategist.

Check out our Retirement Plan Solutions quarterly newsletter for the latest on new legislation, plan design considerations and product enhancements.

Corporate & Commercial Banking Resource Center

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      For details about Wire Transfers with SunTrust, call 800.947.3786


      SunTrust Incoming wire instructions:


      • For Domestic incoming wire use Routing ABA: 061000104
      • For International incoming wire use SWIFT/BIC: SNTRUS3A
      • Beneficiary account number: SunTrust full account number
      • Beneficiary name: The name as it appears on the SunTrust account

      SunTrust Incoming wire instructions are also available by calling: 800.947.3786 - option 1