SunTrust SummitView®

A simple but powerful collaborative tool.

It’s never been easier for you and your advisor to build and monitor a custom financial plan thanks to our convenient, web-based, SummitView financial planning approach.

With SunTrust SummitView you can:

  • See your total financial picture in one place—all your accounts both at SunTrust and elsewhere
  • Establish multiple goals and track your progress towards them so you know when plan modifications are needed
  • Model "what if" scenarios to see how spending, investment and economic changes might affect your plan
  • Store important financial documents (e.g., Wills and trusts) safely and securely

Watch a Quick Overview of How SummitView Works:

SunTrust SummitView

"Knowing where you are in relation to where you want to go, consistently making the best decisions available to you, and taking the action necessary to move you ever closer to your goals — these are the ultimate drivers of long-term financial success. We built SummitView expressly for these purposes; the visibility it provides into your financial story and the progress you are making helps you make confident decisions, helping relieve financial stress and worry, so you can enjoy the moments in life that matter."

— Joe Sicchitano

Senior Vice President, Head of Wealth Planning and Advice Delivery, SunTrust Investment Services, Inc., Investment Adviser Representative, SunTrust Advisory Services, Inc.


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