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Repay the outstanding balance

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If you no longer need access to funds and want to pay down your existing equity line account balance, you do not need to take any additional action. When you reach the end of draw period, your account will automatically transition into the repayment period. Access 3® Equity lines typically have a 20-year repayment period at a fixed rate.

  • Your new monthly payment will be based on a 20-year fixed rate at the end of the draw period.

  • Repayment terms can vary, please check your agreement terms.


Call 877-748-4059 or stop by a branch.

Frequently asked questions

How can I check the terms of my repayment period?

Access 3 Equity Lines reaching the end of draw period in 2018 typically have a 20-year repayment term. If your account is not an Access 3 equity line, call 877-748-4059 to discuss your account repayment terms with our Loan Servicing specialists. You can also refer to the repayment terms in your line of credit agreement for more information.

What will my monthly payment amount be in repayment?

For Access 3 accounts, balances in the revolving line of credit and interest-only options (Options 1 & 2), will be combined into a fixed rate 20-year term. The rate will be based on the 20-year fixed rate term available at the time of the end of draw period date. If you have any balances with Fixed Rate/Fixed Term (Option 3), the payment for these balances will remain the same. Your total repayment amount will be equal to the combination of the new 20-year amortized payment plus any payments that already exist for the fixed-rate option.

What if I am unable to afford the new 20-year repayment amount?

If the new payment creates a financial hardship, please call our Consumer Home Retention team at 866-519-3479 to discuss other solutions. Clients will be asked to complete a Loss Mitigation application to evaluate options.

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