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Winning in the Middle Market

Using M&A as the Catalyst for Business Strategy

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Sixty percent of business executives say M&A is vital to their growth strategy, and a quarter of companies are involved in an M&A transaction each year. M&A is often a critical element in a business’s strategy to build and recognize enterprise value. Yet, middle market executives often lack significant M&A experience, exposing them and their businesses to unexpected challenges in executing M&A.

Winning in the Middle Market addresses the increasingly complex M&A market environment and shows how a firm grounding in business strategy along with careful planning and management of each step in the M&A process to maximize value.  Key steps on the M&A journey include

1.  Start with the long view

2.  Develop a clear M&A strategy

3.  Read the economy and M&A market

4.  Map out your deal journey

5.  Build an M&A team with industry knowledgeable advisors

Find out what today’s M&A market means for your business.

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