Your Life Priorities: Health & Wellness

Build healthcare costs into your plan.

You strive to protect your assets from declining markets, but do you take the same precautions to protect your wealth from declining health? Even for affluent families, an unexpected healthcare event can take a tremendous financial toll and significantly diminish the legacy you planned to leave behind.

Thoughtfully preparing for healthcare costs — those you can anticipate and those that are less predictable — can dramatically improve the probability of both your retirement assets and lifestyle will endure. A SunTrust advisor can help you estimate how much you’ll need to put aside for out-of-pocket healthcare expenses, as well as explore options for funding long-term care expenses.

Just a few of the ways we can help you be more strategic about healthcare:

Articles and resources that can help you on your journey.

Explore strategies for managing company stock and benefits that can help you mitigate risk while providing much needed liquidity.


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Instead of self-funding long-term care expenses, you may want to consider shifting some of that risk by purchasing an insurance policy that offers long-term care benefits.


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