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Your privacy is our priority

SunTrust understands that financial information protection is important to you, especially in today's online environment. With SunTrust's Privacy Policy, you can be assured that we use information responsibly to provide you with the services you request, and to make doing business with SunTrust easier and more convenient.

There are Four things to know about financial information protection at SunTrust:

  1. Because trust is critical to a solid financial relationship, SunTrust outlines exactly how and when your personal information is used in our SunTrust Privacy Policy. (Note: Adobe Reader is required to view the privacy policy documentation.  Click here if you need to download Adobe Reader.)
  2. You may have different ideas and expectations about privacy, which is why our consumer privacy preferences make it easy to further limit how your information is shared.
  3. Privacy and security are a must when banking online. Our online privacy practices explain exactly how SunTrust collects, uses and protects information about your online activity.
  4. The most effective privacy protection is the precautions you take to guard your account and personal information.  Review our privacy resources to learn how to protect your information.

To learn more about SunTrust privacy practices call 800.SUNTRUST.

What information does SunTrust collect?

  • If you apply for a loan or new account, we ask for your Social Security number, as well as financial information, such as employment, income and assets.
  • SunTrust may contact consumer reporting agencies and other creditors to inquire about your credit history.
  • If you apply for insurance, we may seek information relevant to the product. This information is not used for any purpose beyond underwriting and servicing that product.

Who has access to your information?

  • Employees of SunTrust and its subsidiaries have access to information needed to perform services on your behalf.
  • SunTrust offers clients services from other firms and with your permission, shares information pertinent to those services.
  • As industry practice, SunTrust provides data about your loan repayment and transactions to consumer credit bureaus.
  • Federal and state laws may require us to disclose your information for specified purposes.

How does SunTrust protect your online privacy?

There may be instances where SunTrust needs to treat your information differently when doing business with you online. In these cases, we will provide you with a clear disclosure and obtain your authorization before proceeding. By clicking on a disclosure, replying to an e-mail or enrolling in specialized online services you may be giving such authorization.

For details on SunTrust’s online information practices, read our online privacy practices.

How can you opt out of information sharing?

In an effort to provide clients with the best products and services available, SunTrust and its affiliates use select client information for targeted offers, such as for credit cards or insurance.

Not interested? You can elect to customize your privacy preferences using our opt-out form. For more information, including the required form, please visit our consumer privacy preferences.

Set your privacy preferences

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