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Podcast: Build Your Money Network


Tap your friends and family for sound financial advice

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Kimberly Palmer, personal finance blogger and author, gives us her take on why talking to certain friends or family members about your money issues can be beneficial.

Sometimes the best money advice comes from the people closest to you. Kimberly Palmer, personal finance blogger and author, explains how you can identify good financial mentors in your life, and tap those people for their money-related wisdom.


This content is educational in nature and is not an advertisement for a loan or business solicitation. It does not constitute legal, tax, accounting, financial or investment advice. You are encouraged to consult with competent legal, tax, accounting, financial or investment professionals based on your specific circumstances. We do not make any warranties as to accuracy or completeness of this information, do not endorse any third-party companies, products, or services described here, and take no liability for your use of this information.

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