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Keeping your information private means more than promising not to sell, rent or trade it to other companies.


Your privacy is something we take seriously, which is why SunTrust adheres to a strict privacy policy Link opens a new window that limits how your information is shared within the company.

To us, it’s one more way we can help protect you—both online and offline. We are committed to using your information responsibly in order to provide you with the services you request, making business with SunTrust easier and more convenient.

As part of our privacy efforts, we want to make sure you’re educated as to how SunTrust protects you. The most effective privacy protection will always be the precautions you take to guard your account and personal information.

Things To Know About SunTrust Privacy:

Our Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy Link opens a new window

Understand exactly how and when your personal information is used.

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Your Privacy Settings

Your Privacy Settings

Further limit how your information is shared.

Online Privacy Practices

Online Privacy Practices

Learn how your online data is collected, used, and protected.

  • What information does SunTrust collect?

      • We are required by law to ask for your Social Security number and other personal information when opening a new account. SunTrust will also ask for financial information, such as employment, income and assets when applying for a loan or credit card.
      • SunTrust may contact consumer reporting agencies and other creditors to inquire about your credit history.
      • If you apply for insurance, we may seek information relevant to the product. This information is not used for any purpose beyond underwriting and servicing that product.
  • Who has access to your information?

      • SunTrust employees and its subsidiaries have access to information needed to perform services on your behalf
      • SunTrust offers clients services from other firms and with your permission, shares information pertinent to those services
      • As industry practice, SunTrust provides data about your loan repayment and transactions to consumer credit bureaus
      • Federal and state laws may require us to disclose your information for specified purposes
  • How does SunTrust protect your online privacy?

    • There may be instances where SunTrust utilizes your information differently. In these cases, we will provide you with a clear disclosure and obtain your authorization before proceeding. By clicking on a disclosure, replying to an email or enrolling in specialized online services you may be giving such authorization.

      For details on SunTrust’s online information practices, read our online privacy practices.

  • Can I opt out of information sharing?

    • In an effort to provide clients with the best products and services available, SunTrust and its affiliates use select client information for targeted offers, such as for credit cards or insurance.
      However, you can customize your privacy preferences using our “opt out” service to let us know you’re not interested in such offers, or to restrict the client communications you receive via mail, email or phone.

      • Choosing “No Share” prohibits SunTrust from sharing personal information that’s not publicly available with SunTrust affiliates and our credit card issuer, who typically use this information to send targeted offers
      • Selecting “No Direct Mail” and/or “No Telemarketing” means you are directing SunTrust to remove you from lists used for direct mail and telephone solicitations

      Use our “opt out” form to update your SunTrust privacy preferences, or call 800.432.9472.

  • How can you opt out of non-SunTrust communications?

    • The National Do Not Call Registry: Registering your home or mobile number should stop telemarketers from calling. Changes in the law have limited such telemarketing, but unsolicited calls still happen. If you receive one, use this site to file a complaint.

      Direct Marketing Association: DMAchoice’s Preference Services (eMPS) lets you opt-out of direct marketing

      Opt-Out Services LLC: The official opt-out program by the consumer credit reporting industry lets you remove your name from pre-approved credit lists

      Network Advertising Initiative: NAI services limit ads tailored to your web use or preferences

To learn more about SunTrust privacy practices call 1.800.SUNTRUST (1.800.786.8787).

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