Who we are

GenSpring exclusively serves clients of SunTrust Private Wealth Management. Over 30 years, our work has set the standard for helping families effectively manage their wealth while creating a positive impact on those who benefit from it.

What we do

Through a collaborative community of individuals, families and committed professionals we are focused on growing wealth in support of the family’s enduring values.

Why we care

Our purpose is to objectively manage the issues that keep members awake at night so they can enjoy the moments in life that matter.

Success is multi-dimensional

We approach wealth management as part of a multi-dimensional system with a multi-generational outlook focused on growing all three forms of family capital.

Financial Capital

The moveable and immovable property a family owns

Human Capital

Consists of the individuals who make up the family and how they interact with each other

Intellectual Capital

Comprised of the knowledge gained through life experiences of each family member, or what each family member knows

The Sustainability Pyramid

The Sustainability Pyramid

Accumulation of wealth is most commonly measured by financial capital – or in simple terms, what one owns. The most successful families understand that their wealth consists of more than just money. These families focus beyond their financial capital to also grow their human and intellectual capital which fosters communication among family members and better prepared heirs.

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