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Frequently Asked Questions

At SunTrust, we have several credit card options to suit your needs. Below are the most frequently asked questions about our credit cards.

  • General

    • Frequently Asked Questions
      Frequently Asked Questions

      Where can I find my credit card statement?

      Today, you are able to receive a paper statement and view the .pdf online or via mobile. You can log into your online banking account or SunTrust mobile app to view up to seven years of statements. Once you opt in to e-statements, the paper statements stop and then are only available online. We will e-mail you a reminder when your statement is ready to be viewed online.

      How do I request a credit line increase?

      Please call 800.477.9702 and a SunTrust representative will be happy to assist you in submitting a credit line increase request.

      How do I add an Authorized User and what can and can’t they do on my account?

      Adding an Authorized User is a great way to help someone build credit while also earning rewards faster on the account (if you have a rewards or points credit card). To add someone to your account, please call 800.477.9702. An Authorized User will have their own credit card account number and will share the overall credit line with the primary on the account. They will also be able to make payments. They will not be able to redeem rewards, make changes to the account or have their own Online Banking profile. The authorized user is not legally responsible to pay the credit card bill or any charges from the card use—that is the responsibility of the primary account holder.

      How do I request a replacement credit card?

      If your card is damaged or worn out, you can request a replacement credit card by calling us at 800.477.9702 and we will be happy to assist.

      Where can I find my FICO score?

      We refresh FICO scores monthly to ensure you have the most up to date score. Log in to your online banking account, or SunTrust mobile app, select your credit card and click on “More” to access your score.  Visit FICO Score Program for more information.

      How do I set a travel notification?

      To prevent interruptions while traveling, we recommend setting a travel notification on your account. To do so, log in to your online banking account and select the “Support” tab to set up to four travel destinations. You can also log in to your SunTrust mobile app, and select “Account Services”.

      How do I activate my credit card?

      We have made card activation easier than ever. Visit www.suntrust.com/activatemycard  or call 866.432.2276 to activate your credit card.

      How do I dispute a credit card transaction?

      To dispute a transaction, please call 800.477.9702. 

  • Rewards

    • Frequently Asked Questions
      Frequently Asked Questions

      How do I redeem my rewards?

      Log in to your online banking account and look for the “Rewards” section on the right side of your profile with your rewards balance. When you click on the rewards hyperlink, you will be redirected to our rewards website where you can browse through our rewards catalog, and choose several ways to redeem. You may also redeem by using your SunTrust mobile app.

      How are rewards calculated?

      SunTrust offers a variety of personal credit cards to help everyone find the features and benefits that fit their needs. To learn more about the current rewards offered, visit www.suntrust.com/credit-cards.

  • Payments

    • Frequently Asked Questions
      Frequently Asked Questions

      What are recurring payments and how do I set it up for my credit card?

      Recurring payments are a great way to set up automatic monthly payments towards your credit card balance while avoiding missed or late payments. You have the choice to set your minimum monthly payment, your statement balance or a set dollar amount. Log in to your online banking account and select the “Move Money” tab to get started.

      How do I make a payment?

      We understand our clients have unique payment preferences, which is why we offer choices to fit your lifestyle. You can choose to make payments through our mobile app, online at suntrust.com, by phone, by mail or in person with a banker or teller at any SunTrust Bank branch.

  • Credit Reporting Dispute

    • Frequently Asked Questions

      How do I submit a credit reporting notice of dispute?

      If you think the information SunTrust Bank has provided to credit reporting agencies for your account(s) is inaccurate, please follow these steps:

      Submit in writing the following, which is required by the Bank in order to conduct an investigation:

      • Identifying information such as your name, address, and telephone number
      • SunTrust Account number(s) and/or type(s) of product(s), which you are disputing
      • Specific information regarding your dispute (Incorrect Status, Incorrect Payment History, Unsolicited Account, etc.) and an explanation of the basis for this dispute.
      • Copies of all supporting documentation or other information to assist the Bank in substantiating the basis of this dispute.  Some examples of documentation may include: A copy of the relevant portion of the consumer report that contains the allegedly inaccurate information, a police report, a fraud or identity theft affidavit, a court order, or account statements.

      If available, the following items can also be provided to help SunTrust more thoroughly investigate your dispute:

      • Your date of birth
      • A SSN or Tax ID number (minimum last six digits is preferred) to better identify your account
      • The Consumer Reporting Agency name(s) reporting the disputed information
      • Any additional information that would be helpful in identifying the account in question

      As a convenience, you may fill in this optional Credit Report Dispute Form Link opens a new window which you may submit as your written statement.

      Please note that SunTrust Bank requires sufficient identifying account information and documentation of your specific dispute in order to investigate the dispute.  If sufficient information is not received, SunTrust Bank may be unable to investigate your dispute.

      Written disputes and supporting documentation are to be mailed to the following address:

      SunTrust Bank
      ATTN: Credit Reporting Disputes
      PO Box 85526
      CS-RVW 7955
      Richmond, VA 23285-5526

      Upon receipt of your dispute at the specified address, SunTrust Bank will begin the investigation of your dispute which can take up to 30 days.

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Please submit your credit reporting dispute to:

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CS-RVW 7955
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