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Make SunTrust Mortgage your preferred lender and both you and your customers win.

Your SunTrust Mortgage Loan Officer and team will guide your homebuyers from application to closing, and keep you informed every step of the way. This helps guarantee satisfied buyers and build relationships that help you prosper.

Our commitment to you:

  • Single point of contact
  • Reassurance for your buyers
  • Weekly customized status reports
  • Tracked changes for a smoother process
  • Knowledge, advice, and perspective on changes in the industry


Whether your customer is buying a home for the first time, relocating, trading up, downsizing or choosing a second home, your dedicated SunTrust Loan Officer will work to understand every aspect of your business; production timelines, contracts, plans, change addendums, and more.

For all loans we process, our builders (and new construction loans) are given priority review by our Builder Operations Team – A Center of Specialization, staffed with highly trained mortgage professionals, underwriters, and closers to exclusively process loans for your customers.

Five things our team knows that can help drive your business forward:

  1. How to read floor plans, elevations and spec sheets so you are sure to get an accurate appraisal.
    We only work with an approved list of independent new construction appraisers who are experienced with valuing new construction properties from plans and spec sheets to cost breakdowns. They know how to take builder upgrades into account, along with base pricing. As a result, you can expect more accurate appraisals.
  2. How to process a loan while its terms are changing.
    Homes under construction can be subject to pricing changes before they’re finished, which gives some lenders headaches. Our team handles nothing but loans for construction buyers like yours. Our processors understand builder contracts, earnest money and seller-paid closing costs, and can expertly manage change addendums.
  3. How to get started, even if down payment funds are delayed.
    We submit all loans we fulfill for our builders to underwriting right away, even if funds from outside sources aren’t immediately available. If your buyer needs to sell another house, liquidate some investments or accumulate more savings for a down payment, we understand. Our underwriters will review the fund source documentation closer to closing.
  4. How to complete a closing package without a final inspection.
    Final Inspections and issuing the Certificate of Occupancy (C.O.) can occur prior to the scheduled closing. To help ensure we keep closings on track though, we will release the closing package (not the funding) without a Final Inspection or C.O.
  5. How to close on time.
    We're sticklers for maintaining a firm closing timeline, and are proficient in navigating changes to the process required by the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure Rule (TRID). We get the Closing Disclosure into the borrower's hands at least three days prior to Closing to keep things moving smoothly right to the end.

Regional Home Mortgage Specialists at your service:

Jim Hunter
SVP, Mortgage Manager
Locations - DC, GA, MD, TN, VA
Phone - 410.608.9554

Ken S. Bernardo
SVP, Mortgage Manager
Locations - NC, SC, VA
Phone - 704.900.9468

Joe Reynolds
SVP, Mortgage Manager
Location - FL
Phone - 904.534.2001

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