Jumbo Mortgage Loan

Jumbo Home Mortgage Financing

The home you’ve always dreamed of may be within reach. SunTrust Mortgage offers a variety of jumbo mortgage loan financing options that might fit your needs.

Advantages of a Key Loan:

  • Provides opportunity to access larger loan amounts at competitive interest rates
  • This program offers fixed or adjustable terms for primary residences and second homes, including condominiums
  • Seller can contribute up to 6%
  • 80% maximum financing for loan amounts up to $1,500,000.
  • You don't face a penalty for prepaying your Jumbo loan

Jumbo Solution Mortgage

We also offer a Jumbo Solution second mortgage as an alternative to traditional jumbo financing.

Advantages of Jumbo Loan Solution:

  • Maximize your borrowing power by combining a conventional Agency fixed-rate or adjustable-rate first mortgage with a Jumbo Solution second mortgage for a total combined financing of up to 85 percent of a primary residence (lower state LTV limits may apply)
  • You receive financing for non-conforming loan amounts (more than $453,100) without the higher interest rate that may be associated with traditional jumbo financing
  • There’s a maximum combined loan amount of up to $1,025,500, but varies depending on the first mortgage loan amount
  • You don’t face a penalty for prepaying your Jumbo loan

What you'll need to consider for Key Loan and Jumbo Solution Mortgages:

  • All loans are subject to credit approval
  • Additional LTV restrictions may apply
  • ARM programs have interest rates that may increase after consummation
  • You might pay a larger down payment if the property is located in a declining market and/or is a warrantable condominium
  • The maximum combined loan amount will vary based on the location of the property and whether it's within a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)-designated, high-cost area

Call 877.907.1043, email us or find a loan officer serving your community to learn more about Jumbo Solutions and Key Loan Mortgages.

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