Financial Planning Process

Your plan should be as unique as your fingerprint.

Rather than forcing you to adapt to our financial planning process, we’ve created a process flexible enough to adapt to your ever-changing life and evolving financial needs. How do we accomplish this?

Listen and Engage
Instead of trying to impress you with jargon, our advisors prefer to listen to your personal history, your goals, your worries and your dreams. We’ll even provide an opportunity for you to build your own plan that we will analyze together as we prioritize, synchronize and distill.

We’ll help you determine which of your goals are most achievable and the steps you need to take to start moving in the right direction today.

We also work with you to avoid surprises by exploring how multiple goals can have a positive or negative impact on each other.

Working together, we’ll turn the universe of planning options into just a few recommended actions that will put you on the path towards financial confidence.

Simplicity, convenience and confidence

Watch a quick video about how our SummitView® planning tool can bring all your financial info into a single view.

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