Global and International Investments

A world of opportunity.

A diversified portfolio of domestic stocks, bonds and funds is a great step on the road to growing your savings and reaching your long-term financial goals. But if you’re not diversified globally as well, you’re missing out on a world of opportunities and may be taking on more investment risk than you need. Global investments can provide a much needed counterbalance to the U.S. stocks and bonds in your portfolio. And with a wide range of mutual funds and exchange-traded funds offering investments in both developed and emerging overseas markets, adding global diversity to your investments has never been easier.

Why work with SunTrust to identify opportunities abroad?

  • Get help with evaluating, selecting and monitoring funds from a knowledgeable SunTrust Investment Services advisor
  • Gain access to overseas market analysis and insights from SunTrust's Investment Advisory Group

Expand Your Horizons

Despite being the single largest economy, the U.S. still comprises less than 25% of the world’s gross domestic product. If you’re not investing globally, you may be missing out on more than three-quarters of the world’s growth.

Share of Global GDP

Read our latest Global Perspective for insights into current global events and their potential impact on the economy and your portfolio.

Learn how our SunTrust SummitView goals-based planning approach can give you a clear view into all your stocks, bonds, retirement and savings accounts, allowing you and your advisor to better align your investments to your goals and objectives.


Investing involves risks, including fluctuating returns and potential loss of principal. International investments are subject to special risks, such as political unrest, economic instability, and currency fluctuations.


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