Traditional IRAs

Increase your tax-deferred retirement savings.

Depending on your income, your contributions to a Traditional IRA may be tax-deductible. And any earnings and investment growth accumulate federally tax deferred until you begin to take withdrawals in retirement.

Why choose a Traditional IRA?

  • Take advantage of an additional source for tax-deferred investment growth
  • Augment your employer-sponsored retirement plan savings
  • Make additional catch-up contributions if you’re age 50 or older 

Important Note: A 10% early withdrawal penalty may apply for withdrawals taken prior to age 59½.

Why open a Traditional IRA with SunTrust?

  • A broad choice of investments; including stocks, bonds and exchange-traded funds
  • Guidance from a knowledgeable; local SunTrust Investment Services advisor (STIS) on investment choices, contribution limits and distribution requirements

Learn how our SunTrust SummitView goals-based planning approach can give you a clear view into all your stocks, bonds, retirement and savings accounts, allowing you and your advisor to better align your investments to your goals and objectives.


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