Quick Guide to Retirement Planning

Before you start planning.

At first blush, planning for retirement might seem a little intimidating. So many questions; so many possibilities; and a long road full of twists and turns between here and there. This guide is designed to help you more easily navigate that road – offering information, insights and resources to help you make more informed retirement planning decisions.

How this quick guide to retirement planning is organized.

No matter where you are in the retirement planning process – from those just getting started to current retirees – we provide calculators, worksheets and clear action steps that can improve your efforts and keep you on track. The guide is divided into four sections, with each section requiring only a few minutes of time to review:


Getting Started

Find out how to set measurable goals and start on the path toward achieving them.


Grow Your Retirement Savings

Explore ways to accelerate your savings and get back on track.


Prepare to Retire

What adjustments are needed as you make a final push to maximize your savings?


Live in Retirement

Discover how decisions you make in the first few years can shape the rest of your retirement.

What questions do you have about retirement?

While there are many common questions such as,

  • How much do I need to save to be comfortable?
  • How long will my savings need to last?
  • What will healthcare cost?
  • When should I start taking Social Security?
  • What asset should I use first for income?

There are no universal answers to even the most common questions. That’s why talking with an advisor can be so important. Call 877.962.9032 and get connected with a SunTrust Investment Services advisor who can answer these and other retirement questions.

Your Social Security benefit can vary greatly depending on the age at which you begin receiving benefits, your pre-retirement income, and possibly other sources of income you have in retirement. Use this calculator to help estimate how much you (and your spouse) can expect.


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