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Transfer Funds & Send Money

It’s easy to transfer money conveniently and securely. With just a couple clicks, you can move money between your external accounts, your SunTrust accounts and even between friends or family for that special occasion that’s coming up.

Transfer Funds

Make a transfer
with any account

Move money between your SunTrust accounts and your accounts at other financial institutions – all online and when you need it most. There's no need to visit an ATM or branch. Plus, you’ll even have access to your money as early as the next day.1

Transfer funds
Move Money

Make transfers between
your SunTrust accounts

Even when you’re on the go, you’re still in control of your accounts. Manage your SunTrust accounts and transfer money from one account to another, all with your mobile device.2

Move money
Send a Payment

Send money
to anyone

Send money to friends, family or anyone in the U.S. with just their mobile number or email address. It’s the most convenient way to transfer money to others.3

Send a payment