Warning Telephone Fraud Scam

SunTrust has learned of recent attempts by telephone in which the caller represents himself or herself as a SunTrust Employee. Calls appear to be originating from area code 965.

The victim will receive a phone call (often to a cell phone) during which the victim is told that their account or card at SunTrust has been cancelled. The client is then told to contact a phone number for more information. Once the number has been called the victim is told to "press one for assistance" they are then told to enter their account number, pin number or security code.

Please note: SunTrust does not contact clients asking for PINs, passwords or other security codes. Be suspicious of any call, email or letter you receive asking for this information.

If you believe that you have responded to a fraud attempt and divulged confidential information, please call 800.SUNTRUST (800.786.8787).