Increase Profitability

Infographic: Top Concerns and Trends for Small Businesses

The small business sector is growing rapidly, and the rate for small business failures has declined. Still, two out of three small business owners say they are stressed about their business as they work to find a balance between personal and financial interests. A 2015 SunTrust survey of small business owners revealed a number of shared business concerns, including irregular cash flow and increases in operating costs. Personal savings goals often take a backseat to cash flow needs for business owners, but by taking actions such as opening IRAs or other savings vehicles and using online tools to streamline financial processes, owners can balance cash flow with savings to improve the outcomes of both.

Infographic: Top Concerns and Trends for Small Businesses

Building a relationship with a primary banker through regular communication is a crucial step to maintaining business health, reducing stress and ensuring financial well-being. Contact your SunTrust Relationship Manager to discuss financing options to help achieve your personal and business goals.

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