Grow Your Business

  • Purchasing your Business Real Estate

    Business property ownership is a tried and true small business approach to diversify assets, secure a strategic business asset and put your rent to work creating value.

  • Understanding Loan Covenants

    Once a loan is funded, it’s loan covenants that keeps the relationship strong, protecting the borrower’s business and assuring the lender that they will be repaid.

  • Where can more capital make a difference?

    Businesses can’t afford to rush past opportunities that could be grasped by stepping back, carefully mapping a path forward and seeking the right capital.

  • Fueling Smart Growth with SBA Financing

    When looking for financing, flexibility and risk tolerance aren’t always easy for small business owners to find. SBA loans offer the adaptability and ease that many are looking for.

  • Put the SBA Winning Formula to Work

    The government needs businesses to grow, small business owners need capital and banks need good loans. This makes the perfect formula for SBA loans as a great source of financing.

  • Five Steps to Take Advantage of SBA Financing

    Small businesses require the right financing at just the right time. Map out your capital needs and be ready to take advantage of SBA loans for the funds you need.

  • Find Flexible Financing with SBA Loans

    When looking for financing, flexibility and risk tolerance aren’t always easy for small business owners to find. SBA loans offer the adaptability and ease that many are looking for.

  • Ingenuity Drives Growth

    Without a spark of ingenuity and a bold strategy that turns ideas into actions, many small businesses can’t gain the competitive advantage they need to overcome growth pressures and succeed.

  • A Straightforward Growth Plan Can Jump-Start your Business

    Less than half of small businesses are following the example of the fastest growing businesses by creating growth plans and sharing them broadly for help in reaching their growth goals.

  • Get Growth in Gear with the Growth Plan Builder

    The fastest growing businesses start by creating a strong growth plan, and then sharing that plan with advisors, associates and friends to support it. Join the fastest growing businesses by creating your growth plan today.

  • Guard Owner Time to Avoid Zapping Growth

    Small businesses depend on owners, and when their attention is diverted, growth can stall. Protect an owner’s time to keep from depriving a growing business of the owner’s unique skill set.

  • Lowering Cost of Capital

    Using leverage, particularly real estate financing, can help lower a business’s cost of capital and fund growth by rebalancing the capital mix.

  • Podcast: Picking the Right Opportunities and Partners

    Having the chance to win a new piece of business is exciting, regardless of the size or age of your business. But how do you make sure the opportunity is a good fit?

  • Podcast: Turning Your First Client Into 10 Prospects

    Once small business owners have secured start-up funding and composed a business plan, the next step is building a client base. Getting the first client is critically important, because it proves out the business model and presents growth opportunity.

  • The 4 Best Known Ways to Build Business Credit

    There are several easy steps you can take—even on day one of your business—to get your business credit established and start to see it grow.

  • 4 Tips on Hiring Your First Employee

    As the economy continues its recovery, some small businesses are beginning to hire for the first time. Consult these 5 first-hire tips to help you hire your first employee.

  • Podcast: How Leaders Learn From Disappointments

    What sets successful leaders apart is their ability to push through challenges and see mistakes as learning opportunities. Jodi Bailey Gill, president of marketing consulting firm The Experts Bench, discusses how to make the best of those inevitable letdowns.

  • Preparing to Ride a Surge in Demand

    SunTrust gives you strategies to prepare your business for a surge in demand.

  • 5 Qualities Successful Businesses Have in Common

    There’s a fine line between business success and business failure. Here are five qualities that most successful businesses have in common.

  • 3 Business Lessons from Jeff Bezos

    Take your business to new heights with these three business lessons from the popular founder and CEO of Amazon.

  • How to Get the Most Out of Your Financing

    Time is money and a low financing rate costs less than a high one, especially long-term, so consider all of your options for finding the best rate and most flexible terms.

  • Low-cost Benefits to Help Improve Employee Productivity

    Beyond standard offerings such as health insurance and a retirement plan, there are countless ways to set your business apart. Here are four low-cost benefits to help improve employee productivity.

  • Are You Wearing Too Many Hats at Your Small Business?

    Going it alone in your business works for many small business owners, but not for others. Is it time to add another employee?

  • Approach Lending Options with Confidence

    While the fundamentals of a strong business are important on a credit request, the intangibles are equally as important. Telling your business narrative, professional documentation, and working relationships also play into credit-worthiness.

  • Business Credit Cards: Which Is Right for Your Company?

    This quiz will help you determine the right credit card for your business.

  • Translate International Trade Shows into Sales

    Overseas trade shows can introduce you to a whole new world of prospects and customers. Here are five tips to help you close your knowledge gap—and, eventually, the sale.

  • Will I Ever Get a Loan?

    David Hiller, SunTrust Small Business Banking Executive, sets the record straight on how likely it is for new businesses to acquire bank financing.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions: Four Key Questions for Your Business

    Mergers and acquisitions can mean major changes for your business, so it’s important to ask four important questions before making a decision.

  • Investing to Maintain a Competitive Edge

    After taking over the business she’d worked in for more than two decades, Diana Herrera is finding new ways to invest in technology—and employees—to build on Associated Photo & Imaging’s track record of quality and innovation.

  • How Technology is Changing Small Businesses

    New technology and marketing tools like software-as-a-service and cloud-based solutions are enabling small businesses to compete with their larger rivals. This has impacted business planning cycles.

  • "Putting Heart" into Customer Relationships Can Mean Results

    Running a successful business requires more than just processing transactions. It’s built upon connecting with your customers, nurturing the relationship and earning their loyalty.

  • Manufacturer Keeps Eye on Innovation - And Gets Results

    Lighting manufacturer focuses on innovation to find opportunities in the marketplace and attract talented, skilled workers.