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IBM Security Trusteer Rapport Online Fraud Protection Software

SunTrust is committed to helping your company keep its SunTrust online transactions safe from fraud. With increasingly sophisticated malware in the online environment, traditional controls such as antivirus software and firewalls alone may no longer be enough to protect your company from online attacks. To combat continuously evolving threats, multiple layers of security are needed. SunTrust deploys various security and control measures in multiple layers for our product solutions, one of which is the Trusteer Rapport secure browser software.
How does Trusteer Rapport work to protect your online sessions?
Certain SunTrust online services work with Trusteer Rapport software to help provide you with an added layer of protection for your company's online sessions. When you sign on to one of these SunTrust online services from a computer with Trusteer Rapport installed, the Trusteer Rapport browser security plug-in provides keystroke encryption and helps protect against malware behavior and attacks such as pharming and session hijacking.

Trusteer Rapport can also remove or protect against certain types of financial malware. If you have downloaded Trusteer Rapport through the links below and elected to receive the automatic updates to Trusteer Rapport, malware removal should be active. If Trusteer Rapport identifies pieces of software on your computer as one of these certain types of financial malware, Trusteer Rapport will remove or protect against it and provide a user alert. Learn more about Trusteer Rapport, including answers to frequently asked questions about malware attacks.

Once Trusteer Rapport is installed, a green arrow indicator in your browser address window shows when it is working to help protect your online session.

And a gray arrow indicator shows when the URL is not protected.

Install Trusteer Rapport
For maximum security protection, SunTrust highly recommends that you install Trusteer Rapport with computer administrative privileges. When installed with limited privileges, Trusteer Rapport may not offer its full protection capabilities. Note that your company's technology administrator's approval may be required, depending on your company's security policies. Trusteer Rapport complements traditional security measures such as firewalls and anti-virus software, but does not replace them.

Click one of the links below to install Trusteer Rapport free of charge. This easy one-time installation process only takes a few minutes.

If you need assistance with Trusteer Rapport, visit or send an email to



Trusteer Rapport or other secure browsing software downloaded to or accessed by your computer or mobile device (the Software) is provided by IBM. You and your company agree that (i) use of the Software is subject to IBM's terms and conditions and privacy policy; (ii) SunTrust makes no representations or warranties of any kind related to the Software and has no responsibility for the performance, compatibility or availability of the Software, or for damages of any kind that may be caused by the Software; and (iii) protections offered by use of the Software can be achieved only when the Software is used in connection with access to specific SunTrust products which are designed to interact with the Software. When used with those services, the Software may make certain fraud detection information available to SunTrust. SunTrust has no obligation to provide you any notices with respect to such information.

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