Testimonials for Michelle Brooks-Hall

I just wanted to let you know what outstanding service I received from one of your people, Michelle Brooks-Hall, when we purchased our new home in Rockville, VA.  I have to tell you that one of the reasons we went with SunTrust was due to Michelle's responsiveness and willingness to answer an endless array of fairly naïve questions from me.  She provided estimates of the loan and associated costs and then took the time to go line by line down the list to make sure that I understood exactly what each item was and how it was derived.

Michelle did an exceptional job of keeping me "in the loop" and informed about the process.  She was proactive and never left us in the dark about what was happening, what we needed to provide and how the process would operate.  The mortgage process is stressful enough without feeling like you have to "go it alone" or that you are dependent on someone who simply does not have the time to explain or is just too busy with other clients.  Michelle most certainly does not fit into any of those categories.  She definitely takes the extra step and "hand holding" needed to make this incredibly complicated, hectic and time consuming process tolerable.  There were at least two occasions where other people simply did not respond in such a manner but Michelle stepped up, picked up the phone, gave me an update and most definitely saved my wife and I a ton of worrying and feeling helpless.

In addition, Michelle, on several occasions, reached out to other people in the process to keep the ball rolling and to get information that she could pass along.  As we went through the process, the one person I could count on to let me know what was going on, good or bad, was Michelle.  I have told at least a dozen people about her and the high level of service she provided us.  I have given her my highest recommendation to family and friends and I sincerely hope if they decide they need a mortgage, they will contact Michelle.

I am not one to offer faint praise.  In fact, I think some of your process is cumbersome and some of your folks appear to be overworked.  However, the one shining example of excellent customer service and genuine regard for your customers' well-being was Michelle Brooks-Hall.  I hope that you find and hire as many people like Michelle as you possibly can.  Doing so will contribute mightily to a positive reputation for SunTrust.

Again, I rarely take the time to write such a letter but by the same token, I normally do not receive such consistently excellent customer service.

-G. Lambert, Richmond, VA