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You have very specific estate planning goals. Some are universal, like minimizing taxes and avoiding complications for your beneficiaries. Others may not be so typical, like providing for a dependent with special needs or ensuring the smooth transition of your family business.

Each of these needs requires the meticulous attention of trust and estate planning experts who will work closely with you, your beneficiaries, attorneys, accountants and other advisors to craft solutions to protect and preserve your family’s assets for generations to come. For nearly 125 years, SunTrust has been working with successful families like yours to ensure the fulfillment of their legacy wishes.

Who should be executor of my estate? It’s a surprisingly complex process and a responsibility that carries with it significant personal and financial liability.

Think all trusts require giving up control? Think again. Trusts can be structured in a variety of ways to ensure your wishes are carried out either during your life, at your death or both.

Looking to move assets outside of your taxable estate? Those assets could fund a life insurance policy held in trust to minimize estate and inheritance taxes for your beneficiaries.

Worried about the future of a special needs relative? Find out how a Special Needs Trust can ensure they are provided for after you’re gone, while still preserving their eligibility for needs-based benefits.

Articles and resources that can help you on your journey.

Planning and communicating are critical to the success of wealth transfer. These five steps can help guide you as you make your plan and prepare your heirs for the eventual transfer of your estate.


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SVP and Head of Financial Planning, Joe Sicchitano, explains the importance of financial education for children and grandchildren and shares tips for getting started.


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